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10 Best Online chat games: Social games with chat rooms


This article will teach how to play online social chat games. Have your online debates become stale? During this period of self-isolation and quarantine, we must all find ways to lift our spirits and engage in social activities. Fortunately, Android-based chat room video games have recently been popular, and they offer the ideal service for resuming the proper state of mind streaming.

From classic online social video games like Would You Rather and Hangman to unusual games like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, there are a plethora of pleasant and exciting chat room games available for you to try.

This page contains a curated list of ten free online chat games online that you may play on your smart device:

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10 Best Online chat games: Social games with chat rooms

In this article, you can know about online social chat games here are the details below;

1. Habbo

Habbo is one of the most popular online social games we’ve tested this year. Habbo is a massively multiplayer online pixelated video game that includes role-playing, conversing, trading, building, and crafting.

It is an excellent platform for playing online games with chat rooms while meeting new people and making new friends.
You will not be charged a membership fee to join the Habbo community. You could, however, choose to activate the premium plans at a lower cost.

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There are also a plethora of customisation options accessible in the Habbo video game. This is one of the greatest chatroom video games on this list since it offers a variety of experiences such as Habbo Home and Habbo Games, as well as a number of other extensions.

2. Lucent Heart

Say welcome to one of the top online social games/chat rooms for meeting new people and creating new friends. This extremely customised video game allows you to select and create your characters to suit your preferences.

It has also been named among the greatest online chat games with avatars, and while its user base is predominantly Asian, it is rapidly gaining popularity in Europe and America. Lucent Heart contains comprehensive dating and matchmaking capabilities to help you find your true love.

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After completing the free registration procedure, you can join the online Lucent Heart community and begin your experience.

3. Lady Popular

This first entry on our list of online social video games is for the ladies, and it features fantastic visuals and an easily identifiable pink tint. This exciting and demanding game will allow you to create your own version of a supermodel and then launch a career in the glamorous fashion industry.

Lady Popular has been rated as one of the top online chat games with complimentary and simple-to-use avatars.
The distinctive pink user interface includes a variety of mini-games, each with retail centres, family pets, the occasional duel, and partners.

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This isn’t your average dress-up game. You can further customise your lady’s appearance. From hair and clothes to skin and other accoutrements, any appearance is essentially feasible. You may even personalise your creatures.

Girl Popular is also one of those online multiplayer games with chat where you may join millions of other players and wager for free.

4. Roblox

Download the most recent version of Roblox, sign up for a free account, and let the fun begin! This is presently one of the most popular online social games and talking platforms, allowing gamers to select from a large range of characters, plugins, fits together, decals, and numerous other elements to create a completely immersive experience.

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On Roblox, you will be able to play games, create experiences, and function play while learning and having fun with family and friends.

It may have a simple user interface for quick navigation and enticing 3D gameplay. Furthermore, it has been ranked among the leading online multiplayer video games with chat that enjoys support from a wide range of devices and computer operating systems, allowing gamers to easily access the Roblox environment on their Android device, iPad, iPhone, Windows PC, Xbox, and Amazon devices.

5. Second Life

Second Life is one of the greatest online social games on this list since it allows you to connect, interact, and explore. This highly interactive video game features a plethora of useful customising tools to assist players in selecting and creating fearsome characters. There is also the ability to create a task.

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Second Life allows individuals to explore the globe while socialising and making new acquaintances. In this game’s vivid virtual neighbourhoods of fascinating individuals from all walks of life, you can create 3D material and uncover amazing adventures.

6. The Salem

The Salem is another highly engaged social platform on our list of the finest online social games in 2020. If you enjoy playing online multiplayer games with chat, the Salem is a must-try this year.

The plot will entail players gathering as many resources and products as possible in order to survive the next stage of the fight. Anyone familiar with Salem’s colonial history will appreciate the explicit facts in this social MMO. It fundamentally emphasises a few of the historic scuffles that humanity faced in the past while providing an option for endless social interaction and producing enjoyable moments with your online buddies and colleagues.

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7. World Calypso

This is one of the online social games that you may download and play after completing the free registration process. You will appreciate its fantastic design and graphics. Clinical dream also identifies the entire game.

Planet Calypso is also one of the finest chatroom video games with its own cash economy where you may invest and trade as an entrepreneur or explorer. Furthermore, it allows gamers from all around the world to talk online while still enjoying their favourite MMO experience.


Do you want to hang out online and find new friends? Download IMVU right now to enjoy one of the best online social video games chat room with a 3D avatar chat environment.

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The IMVU video game will allow you to select a unique avatar to use while playing the game. The inviting animations and images on the homepage make it clear that the IMVU platform has a lot more to offer.

9. The MapleStory2

So you want to play online chat video games that are currently available?! MapleStory 2 offers massive MMORPG experiences as well as aggressively imaginative and well-known 2D appeal.

This fantasy RPG world comprises eye-catching virtual cities like Henesys, Kerning, and Perion that you must explore in order to uncover your tale.

With MapleStory 2, you’ll be involved in overturning structures and reducing trees; pretty much everything you’d expect from a frantic multi-player warfare video game.

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10. The 5 Street

The 5 Street is a free-to-play multiplayer dance competition with the most advanced fashion and music. The 5 Street online game is all about dressing up stylishly, mixing, and dancing to incredible musical tunes.

It will also allow players to create and customise their own characters. You should explore the cityscape with a large number of other players before heading to a primary dance competition where you may show off your fashion sense and individuality.

Final word

There are a plethora of amusing online chat games free available to keep you entertained. Don’t be afraid to try as many as you can to get the most variety.

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