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12 Best New Game Like Huniepop For Android or IOS in 2021


Those of you who enjoy dating simulation games may be familiar with the Huniepop games. This game allows you to play two types of games at the same time: tile coordinating and dating recreation. However, there are several games similar to HuniePop that you can explore and play in your leisure time.

Some of these games have the same game concept but distinct storylines. You will discover a plethora of intriguing narratives that you might never have imagined before. In fact, you can acquire a lot of products and special bonuses for adults. So, let’s have a look at other Android and iOS games like HuniePop below.

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12 Best New Game Like Huniepop For Android or IOS in 2021

Some people prefer virtual dating games to real ones in order to avoid heartbreak. That is why Huniepop has become so popular. However, you may now acquire alternatives with games like HuniePop here:

1. Puzzle of Love

This is one of the puzzle games similar to HuniePop for Android since it follows a similar plot. In this game, you play as a famous novelist in search of inspiration. Your job is to meet and date a lot of women in order to obtain ideas for your future novel. As a result, you must be astute in order to use your charm to entice a large number of women.

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However, Puzzle of Love is more than just a dating simulation game; you may also play various mini-games.
To advance to the next level, you must be able to solve the problems on your date. As a writer, use your wits to solve the love conundrum.

You must construct colourful combinations on the playing field for unlocked girls. You can also obtain special trinkets and toys to assist you in matching your puzzles. Find the female who best suits you and experience the kind of love that doesn’t generally happen in the virtual world.

Download : ANDROID 

2. Mystic Messenger

This game will take you on an interesting and passionate love journey with numerous male characters. There are various male characters in this Mystic Messenger game who pique your interest and make you want to learn more about them.

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This game’s interactive messaging feature allows you to practise receiving phone calls and SMS from imaginary persons. As a result, if you have a close and intimate relationship, you will feel as if you are receiving genuine affection. Each character has an interesting storyline, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in this game.

The game’s events, chats, and storylines will leave you speechless. This is due to the fact that each male character in this game has their own personality and storyline. So there’s no reason to get bored when playing this game.
This is one of the best games like HuniePop for Android and iOS since the game UI is simple and straightforward.

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Download : ANDROID || iOS

3. Amber’s Magic Shop

In this dating sim game, it’s time for you to transform into Amber, a dark elf. Amber is a dark elf who was abandoned as a baby in the southern Icesilia forest. Vin, a wizard, then found, reared, and transformed her into an alchemist. Vin sent Amber to Icesilia to learn as an alchemist when she was sixteen years old.

Amber grew up to become a chemist capable of operating her own business. So, in this game, your job is to run a magic shop. You will encounter some interesting people while doing your job. The more you interact with someone, the more likely it is that you will become more than just friends with them.

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This game is one of the great games like HuniePop because of its many features. You can, for example, customise the appearance of the Amber characters, the costumes they wear, the graphics, and the locations. When you play this game, you will drown as a result of all of its elements.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

4. Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker

This is one of the HuniePop mobile games that is similar to HuniePop since it has a nearly identical tale plot. This dating simulation game, on the other hand, employs a vintage cartoon aesthetic that distinguishes it from other games.
In this game, you will take on the role of a matchmaker and run a matchmaking agency.

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Your boss, drag queen diva Kitty Powers, will teach you a lot. With their love stories, use your matchmaking skills to change the lives of desperate clients. Compare your customer to the other applicants in Kitty’s black book.

Furthermore, assist your clients in navigating difficult conversations and dating dilemmas. Even though the graphics aren’t particularly outstanding, this game is a lot of fun to play. This is, however, optional crafting gameplay, so you can customise the appearance of all the characters.

Download  : ANDROID || iOS

5. Roommates

This game can be fun because you will be a school student. Furthermore, this anime dating sim game is set in a school, and you will reside in a dorm. Unlike the HuniePop Free game, you can play as either a boy named Max or a female named Anne.

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Anne is the smartest student in school, as well as the most gorgeous and cutest. Meanwhile, Max is a guitarist in the band. You will become addicted to playing this game, and you will be able to control their daily lives. Their connection began as friends, but it has the potential to blossom into a more serious one.

You’ll also have roommates who can tell you interesting and amusing stories. At this game, your job is to plan what you will do in school, choose what you will do, and how you will accomplish it.

All of your decisions will have an impact on how much money you have and how healthy you are. This game offers an intriguing tale as well as a good design. So it’s no surprise that this game is one of the HuniePop-like games available for download on a variety of devices, including Android and iOS.

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Download : ANDROID || iOS

6. Nicole

In this game, you will take on the role of Nicole, a cheerful girl who has been accepted into the campus of her dreams. When she transfers to a university dorm, however, a mystery storey unfolds. Nicole could be the latest victim of a sequence of mysterious disappearances of three females.

Nicole had to be cautious if she didn’t want to be the next victim. So, the purpose of this game is to determine which actions you will accomplish each day. Then, you can work part-time employment to hone your talents while simultaneously earning money.

You can also participate in extracurricular activities, engage in recreation, and visit numerous interesting areas.
You will also date many male characters such as Ted, Darren, Jeff, and Kurt. The most important thing is that you discover the true name of the perpetrator, but you must be careful not to date him.

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Download : iOS

7. Heileen 3: New Horizons Free

In this game, you will take on the role of Heileen, a charming female pirate. So, if you enjoy the sea and pirates, this game is ideal for you. Heileen 3: New Horizons will pick up the tale where it left off in Heileen 2. Heileen will embark on a journey with the pirate Morgan in quest of her missing comrades.

She hopes to find all of her friends and reunite with them. However, this is merely the beginning because the storyline will change depending on how you play. In this game, you can choose between a romantic and a professional conclusion.

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Furthermore, you may sense the romance of guys other than Morgan, such as John, Sebastian, and Jonathan.
This is a game similar to HuniePop for smartphones in that you can have an affair with someone. As a result, don’t skip out on playing this game and downloading it to your Android or iOS device.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

8. C14 Dating Visual Novel

This is one of the HuniePop-like games that is both enjoyable and educational. It’s because you’ll be playing the role of Melissa Flower, an anthropology student, in this game. You are a third-year student doing a summer archaeology internship. So, with this game, you can also learn important facts about anthropology, right?

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During your internship, you will meet and date a variety of male characters. Of course, each of these characters has an own personality and backstory. So, by playing this game, you may learn what kind of male you like and how to date him.

Aside from trying virtual dating, you may also learn more about archaeology. For example, you can try to collect bones, find Neanderthal remains, and so on. You can also play archeology-themed mini-games. This game is the best game you can install on Android and iOS because of its interesting storyline and diverse characters.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

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9. Hatoful Boyfriend

Congratulations, you are the Institute of St. PigeoNation’s only human student. In the world’s most prominent pigeon high school, you can roam the halls and discover love. Even though you are a second-year student, not everything will be academic because you will have time to enjoy the romanticism of love.

Hato Moa, a popular visual novel, has been remade as a game. Have a good time conversing with birds of all feathers. For example, beginning with school teachers, pigeon cyclist gangs, and others. Spend time with birds you enjoy and get rid of birds that are unpleasant or dull.

There are many secret storylines, surprises, and multiple endings that will keep you hooked on playing this game.
Feel the rush of attending different classes at St. PigeoNation’s Institute, such as art classes, gym, and so on, to enhance your abilities and character.

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Download : ANDROID || iOS

10. Never Forget Me

Winter Wolves has produced one of the top games similar to HuniePop that you will like playing. In this game, you will meet four male characters. Every man in this game has his own character who will try to approach you.
Make friends with all of them and then decide which one best suits your personality.

In this game, you may pick between two difficulty levels: normal and hard. So it’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular games like HuniePop. As a result, this game will be incredibly thrilling for you to play, and it offers five different endings based on your choice.

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Download : ANDROID || iOS

11. The Flower Shop Visual Novel

The Flower Shop is an excellent choice if you’re seeking for a game similar to HuniePop for iPhone. This game features an engaging storyline that will entice you to play it again and again. You will take on the role of Stave, a college student who is suffering with his grades.

Meanwhile, his relationship with his girlfriend is strained. His father then sent him to a farm in the Fairbook for the summer. As a result, Stave spends the summer working on the farm, making new friends, and attempting to keep a relationship with his girlfriend.

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You will assist Steve in caring for the plants, protecting them from insects and weeds, and interacting with the four girls’ characters. Use your charm to approach them and impress them with your agricultural abilities. The ending plot of this game differs depending on the choices you make.

Download : iOS

12. Always Remember Me Free

This game is also on the list of the top games like HuniePop. Amy, a kind and adorable woman, will be your character. This game’s plot is so amazing that you can merely make Amy’s boyfriend remember her. Amy and her boyfriend were involved in a bitter feud.

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You can also assist Amy in finding another man who is more suited and makes Amy fall in love again. As a result, the outcome of this plot is determined by your choices. You will enjoy playing this game because it features an easy-to-use UI. The game also boasts a good storyline and a diverse cast of characters.

Download : ANDROID || iOS

HuniePop is an entertaining dating simulation game, although the missions you have to complete can be challenging at times. Install one of the 12 games like mystic messenger HuniePop for Android and iOS that have been reviewed above as a solution. Play all of the games and become immersed in a thrilling gaming cycle.

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