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5 Questions on Online Meeting Mobile Apps


The Covid-19 Pandemic of 2019 saw the whole world change their approach to business and one very obvious change was the rise in the popularity of online meeting mobile apps.


With offices closed and lockdowns in place, businesses around the world needed a rapid solution to continue to host meetings that were critical to their business operations.


Online meeting mobile apps offer a lot of cost savings and are an easy to use platform for team members and business organizations to talk to each other and get on with their daily duties and tasks in an effective and transparent manner.

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1. What is an Online Meeting Mobile App?

An Online Meeting Mobile App is a mobile application that helps users to have online meetings over the internet. Some of the most popular online meeting mobile apps include Zoom, Google Meet and Skype.

2. How will Online Meeting Mobile Apps benefit me?

Online Meeting Mobile Apps can help individuals achieve a number of objectives. Firstly it allows users to conduct and attend virtual meetings with participants from across the globe. This saves time and money for companies that would have instead had to book meeting rooms and offer refreshments etc.

3. How can I use an Online Meeting Mobile App?

You must first download an online meeting mobile app from the Play Store or the App Store and then login as a registered user. You can then create a meeting by indicating a date and time in the future.

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You can then invite other participants for the meeting, most commonly by sending an email invitation. Those invited, would normally confirm their attendance and on the event day all those invited to the meeting can log in through a special link provided by the online meeting mobile app.

4. Can anyone build an Online Meeting Mobile App?

Yes, it is possible for anyone with a novel idea within the online meeting app space to develop an online meeting mobile app with the help of an expereinced mobile app developer such as Elegant Media.

5. What are the advantages of Online Meeting Mobile Apps?

By using an online meeting mobile app, users can most importantly be at a remote location and yet still participate and add their voice to meetings.

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Another benefit of online meeting mobile apps is that there would be no cost of transport or food and beverages that are often commonplace in traditional office meetings. Now any individuals with a stable internet connection can join a meeting from pretty much anywhere in the world.


If you live in Australia then by inputting app development company Brisbane into a search engine you would be able to discover a number of mobile app developers that can help you build the next big online meeting mobile app.


Online meeting mobile apps can be accessed on almost any smart device ranging from desktop computers and laptops to smartphones and tablets as well.

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If you are searching for app developers Canberra on a search engine then you can expect to be provided with a list of those who can deliver an online meeting mobile app  solution within the Australian Capital Territory.

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