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5 Reasons Why Slot Players Get a Bad Rap in Casinos


Casinos are generally thought to be a place where people can enjoy themselves and have fun with their family and friends. But, there is something in the air that makes some patrons question the legitimacy of these establishments: Slot players. Also, you can click here for fast withdrawal casinos sites.


Slot players may seem shady or like they’re looking to lose money at any cost, but in reality, they’re actually there for some very legitimate reasons. Here are four of them.


  1. They need a change of pace.

In many ways, casinos are boring places to play. The same game can be played over and over again with the same cards and the same rules. Dealing with the same people day in and day out can get old fast. Slot players admit it: they really want to be held in suspense while they play their favourite games. That’s why they are often found playing table games like blackjack, roulette or baccarat, since those games present more chance for winning on both sides of the table compared to slot machines that have a fixed payout percentage and no player advantages (such as knowing when to bet big and when to stay small).

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  1. They are drawn to the sound of coins.

Slot players are also known to be attracted to the sound of coins dropping into an empty cup. The cash makes slot players happy and there is something about the sound that they can’t seem to shake. It’s not even how much money they win, it’s just hearing that sound is enough for them.


  1. They know the odds like nobody else.

Slot players understand probabilities better than anyone in their vicinity and they use it to their advantage while playing the slots or any of the table games inside a casino. The reason why a slot machine or table game often pays out more than it’s supposed to is because of the vast number of free games a player can play to ensure that he or she will win one time in the long run.

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  1. They know the payouts better than the casino does.

Slot players are smart in another way; they know when an endorphin rush is likely coming and they hone their skills accordingly. The more they win, the better they are at sensing it’s coming and it doesn’t even matter what game they are playing because they know what to look for in order to predict it. It helps that slot machines don’t always dole out the same amounts when players trigger a winning session so there is even more suspense involved.


  1. They have a passion for slots.

Slot players have an addiction to the slots machine and most of them are too proud to admit it. But slot machines are also their means of escaping the real world. People like slot players are drawn to the machines because they offer them an opportunity to win money; which is exactly why some people hate them so much.

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Slot players are not the losers that many people say they are, but they do have some legitimate reasons why they frequent these establishments. They’re looking to have fun and experience something different than being at a casino every other day.



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