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All You Need To know About Prepaid Sim Card In Singapore


If you are planning to stay in Singapore for an extended period, understanding the local mobile phone service system is an essential requirement. Prepaid SIM cards are cheap and easy to buy from a local convenience store or online. Prepaid SIM card packages provide smartphone owners with an affordable alternative to expensive monthly plans.

Why prepaid sim cards in Singapore?

  1. Work smarter

5G sim cards are cheap and affordable. If you are 1-3 months in Singapore, it’s highly recommended you get a sim card to enjoy a lot of free wifi hotspots. That would save both your time and money. You can use mobile data or wifi according to your needs instead of worrying about spending too much on a plan that doesn’t fit your needs. You can even use the data to travel around if you don’t have access to public transport.

  1. Save more
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A prepaid sim card in Singapore is available for both international visitors and residents. You can enjoy local mobile data with low-cost plans that suit your needs best. You can save more on international roaming charges as well! The only thing you have to do is use a local network instead of a foreign one.

  1. Access more

If you are purchasing a SIM card in Singapore, you might be tempted to choose the most expensive plan with unlimited data and calls. However, those plans come with a huge monthly rental fee. If you are in Singapore for more than 3 months, it’s better to opt for the unlimited data option. You can save on your data usage and lower monthly rental costs.

  1. Faster speeds for low-budget phones
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One of the key factors in choosing a local SIM card is speed. If you are considering buying a SIM card for your smartphone in Singapore, remember that you can still enjoy good speeds even with low-cost Android smartphones. You can also switch to 3G for only S$5 per month!

How can you get the cheapest prepaid SIM card in Singapore?

  1. Get the new technology

If you are planning to stay in Singapore for a few months, getting the latest technology is highly recommended. For example, if you bought a new phone and want to use it with your local SIM card, most of the local mobile networks currently offer 4G/LTE devices. If you plan to stay in Singapore for more than 3 months, it’s better to get a 4G data-only SIM card. A prepaid sim card in Singapore requires you to use a local network. Besides, it’s better to save on your data usage by using a local network than a foreign one.

  1. Opt for the prepaid SIM card
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Prepaid SIM cards are available in two types: local and international. If you’re an international visitor, your best option is to purchase a local prepaid SIM card. If you are an international resident, international roaming services and data packages can be cheaper than locals.

  1. Avoid data roaming charges (Global Roaming)

Those who purchase a local or an international SIM card usually opt for Global Roaming plans to save more on their mobile data use. However, you might easily get hit with data roaming charges while traveling. Luckily, there is a solution to avoid those charges.

A prepaid SIM card at the service center will allow you to access Google’s free app “No Roaming on your SIM”. It will automatically block “no roaming” notices from your mobile phone. You can also use the free app and SMS alerts before you get hit with data roaming charges and use Singaporean networks.

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Prepaid SIM cards in Singapore are an affordable option that allows users to enjoy the local mobile service system. You can even use it to travel around the city if you don’t have access to public transport! However, you might easily get hit with high-cost data roaming charges if you’re not careful. Make sure you turn off “data roaming” on your phone every time. A good tip is to use a local prepaid SIM card instead of a foreign one so that you can enjoy lower data roaming charges.


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