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Basic Items to bring when Going to the Beach


If you’re planning a day out, what could be more fun than the beach? It’s the ideal place to visit. You can go alone, with your partner, or with a large group of family or friends. And once you get there, there’s no shortage of things to do. You can lie down on a sun lounger and fall asleep in the sun (so long as you’ve slathered on the sunscreen), go swimming in the sea, or even do water sports such as stand up paddle boarding.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what you should pack for your beach trip. Whether you want to chill out or have lots of fun in the water, make sure you pack the essentials listed below!

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Which bag to bring to the beach

The first thing to decide on is what kind of bag you’re going to take to the beach. You’ll need something light and compact that won’t be easily damaged. It’s good to have a reusable bag rather than a plastic one as it’s better for the environment and you won’t be tempted to leave any rubbish.


You can’t go wrong with a backpack. And no, we don’t mean the kind that you’d use travelling for months around Asia or South America! Get yourself a day pack and that will have room for (almost) everything listed below, as well as a few souvenirs should you want to pick anything up at your beach destination.

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Duffel Bag

If a backpack isn’t your style or you don’t have one at hand, consider a duffel bag instead. A soft and squishy bag, the shape can easily be manipulated to fit more in – and also to get into tight spaces in your car or on the bus. Duffel bags are also super cheap, so it’s a good last-minute buy.

Money Belt

Get yourself a waterproof money belt if you want to take a dip but don’t want to leave your valuables on the beach. They’re small, but they’ll fit in the essentials such as money and your mobile phone.

Beach Essentials you shouldn’t forget


Now, let’s take a look at what should be going in your beach bag. The items listed below are absolute essentials for any beach trip!


Unless you’re visiting a nudist beach, you’re going to need a swimsuit. A swimsuit is perfect for taking a dip, going stand up paddle boarding, or even just making sure you get a consistent tan over as much of your body as possible. To save space in your bag, where your swimsuit under or as part of your outfit for the day. Also, if you want to feel more comfortable in a swimsuit you can opt-in for a breast lift in Newport Beach, as you’ll surely gain a confidence boost.

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Microfibre Towel

A towel has so many uses at the beach. You can lay it down on the sand to lie on, or you can use it to dry off after a dip. You can even wrap your wet swimsuit in it for the journey home. A towel is essential, and if you have a microfibre one, even better. Not only do they fold up super small and fit into any space, but they also dry instantly – meaning you won’t get anything in your bag damp.


More often than not, you’ll be visiting the beach because the weather’s good. Be sure to bring sunglasses to protect your eyes from any glare. If you’re doing water sports such as stand up paddle boarding, sunglasses with a strap are a good shout as they’ll be more secure on your head.

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Argubaly the most important thing you should pack for any trip to the beach. After all, if you forget it and there’s no shop nearby, you won’t be able to enjoy sunbathing or swimming without putting yourself at high risk of being burned. Be sure to get a factor appropriate for your skin and re-apply it every couple of hours. Even when the sun is behind the clouds, you can get burned.


Trainers or boots on the beach aren’t a good idea, because you’ll be pouring sand out for what feels like months afterwards. Take flip flops instead! As well as being comfortable for walking on the sand, it’s easy to clean them when you get home.

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A change of clothes

Unless you live right by the beach, a change of clothes is a good idea. After all, a journey home covered in sand and feeling sweaty isn’t nice at all!

Essentials for water sports

If you want to do more than just chill, relax, and swim at the beach, take a look at these three essential items.

Stand up paddle board

Bring a stand up paddle board if you want to get a great workout and feel chilled out and relaxed at the same time. Best practised on beaches with flat water, this water sport is gaining popularity around the world for its clear health benefits – both physical and mental. As well as your board, you’ll need a paddle, a leash, and a personal floatation device. Looking to save space on your journey? Then an inflatable SUP might be the best option for you.

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Many beaches now have SUP shops where you can rent equipment and even take beginner lessons.


If you’re on a beach with lots of fish and marine life nearby, you may want to pack snorkels too. Snorkelling is a wonderful family activity and kids love to see brightly coloured fish flitting about in front of them under the water.

Sports Equipment

Getting a workout on the beach doesn’t have to mean going in the water. Take a soccer ball, beach tennis equipment, or a rounders/softball bat if a large group of you want to play sports together!

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