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Benefits of Choosing Dried Shrooms for Your Psychedelic Trip


Dried shrooms are one of the best products you can find online to give you the psychedelic experience you want. It comes in different forms with potencies you can choose and experiment with.


But what makes dried magic mushroom one of the best and most preferred options when tripping with psychedelics? There are other methods to consume mushrooms, which makes it an exciting way to trip.


Magic mushrooms can also come in edibles. They are tasty treats that contain a specific amount of psilocybin. They are in the form of chocolate bars, gummies, and brownies. Some individuals even make their recipes for edibles.

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Another way you can consume your shrooms is by taking capsules. They look exactly like supplements and are used for microdosing. Mushroom in capsules is derived from dried psychedelic shrooms.


The tincture, powdered drinks, and other goods are also available. More magical mushroom things are found at internet dispensaries such as Zoomies Canada. They have a lot of inventory on their virtual shelves.


All other forms of consuming magic mushrooms come from the dried version. That means that buying dried magic mushrooms not only offers a better way to experience hallucinations but different ways to consume them.


Regular magic mushroom enthusiasts like to eat or use dried mushrooms for various reasons, which has more advantages.

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Why is Dried Magic Mushroom Better?


You’ll want the best way to trip. That means consuming mushrooms in their purest form or highly potent way.



The potency of a mushroom is an essential part of tripping. You’ll want a shroom that will give you what you expect from it.


Dried cubensis shrooms can give psychonauts or beginners the intense and desired effects they are looking for. The intensity of a shroom usually is affected by the dosage and other factors, but not whether it is dry or fresh.


When you consume dried psychedelic mushrooms, you can get the same intense experience and profound psychedelic effects by adjusting the dosage.

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Magic mushrooms have a different flavour from regular mushrooms that you may buy at the supermarket or grow in your garden. These psychedelics have a considerably more earthy flavour and texture, which may startle first-time users. But dried psilocybin mushrooms can taste better when you use them to make tea, chocolate, etc.



The challenge with handling fresh mushrooms is the short shelf-life. They can only last for ten days, even when you store them in the fridge.


On the other hand, dry mushrooms last longer if stored correctly. When you buy dried mushrooms, you can keep them in an airtight container for months. That means you can use your mushrooms anytime instead of trying to use them all at once just because it’s about to expire.

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If you want to get your shrooms quickly, you can buy the best dried mushrooms online. It’s because dried magic shrooms can be stored for a longer time.


In addition, due to its availability and easy accessibility online, you can enjoy different versions of psilocybe cubensis. There are strains like Golden Teachers, Albino A+, and Blue Meanies.


Aside from these popular strains, you can find new versions to experience another level of psychoactive effects. Dried psilocybin shrooms are much better when you want to get them anywhere on the internet.



Dried magic shrooms have the upper hand when tripping with mushrooms. It’s not only because the taste is better, but you can store them for a longer time and enjoy making other consumables.

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Dried psilocybin mushrooms can even be flexible when it comes to their potency. Beginners can use the dried version in lower doses, so they do not have to be overwhelmed by the effects. Meanwhile, regular users can increase their amounts to experience the classic psychedelic journey or go for life-changing shamanic hallucinations.


If you want to trip with shrooms, the dried versions are readily available online with different strains, so you can try to find which one will best suit your preference. So, what are you waiting for? Get a handful of dried shrooms online and experience the magical power of mushrooms.

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