April 9, 2021
9 Android pranks to mess with your friends Featured 360x180 1 - Best Prank Apps to Fool your Buddies

If you’ve never heard about prank apps, then it’s time to get yourself up to speed!

While playing traditional practical jokes like knock, knock ginger and engaging in prank calls will always be a mainstay, the pranks app has enhanced the classics with additional new features.

Not only can you pull off great pranks from the safety and convenience of your smartphone, but you’ll have access to a tonne of new prank ideas that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise!

After my fair share of using prank apps, I’ve compiled a shortlist of my personal favourites and what I think every newbie should initially install when starting. Let’s start!

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I love listening to prank calls submitted online, and for sure the OwnagePranks youtube channel delivers the most daring and very best today. So when I heard that they released their very own prank app, I had to install it!

The OwnagePranks pranks app offers over 100 pre-recorded prank calls, with each containing a different and hilarious prank script automated to play during every call answered.

Examples include: 

‘Stay Away From My Man’ – an angry girlfriend accuses you of hitting on their man, demanding you to stay away. There are separate prank scripts specifically for men or women.


‘Pharmacy Order’- A pharmacist informs you that your three month supply of genital wart cream is ready to collect, insisting there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

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You may be thinking how an automated pre-recording could emulate a real person, but you’d be surprised by how far technology has come! The app uses a speech recognition AI to understand keywords and even detect silence, so it knows when to respond accordingly.

Main Features

Over 100 pre-recordings containing different prank scenarios i.e. Birthday Prank Calls

Mimics how a real person would talk, via a speech recognition AI

Users receive one free credit daily to make a call

Submit your best prank calls to the ‘Pranks Hall of Fame’ on the OwnagePranks website, where the best are featured.

Dude Car Prank Pro

If you’re even somewhat familiar with photo editing and manipulation software like photoshop or Pixlr Editor, then you’d know how easy it is to edit images to prank others.

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And while using photoshop takes a certain level of expertise, the Dude Car Prank Pro lets average clueless individuals like myself create some fantastic altered photos!

If you have a friend who loves their car more than their partner, then this app is for you. This editing app has multiple damage filters which you can use on a photo of a person’s car, from a small scratch to a massive fire.

You’ll also be able to add multiple damages at the same time while increasing its size with your fingers.

After you’ve caused maximum devastation to your friend’s vehicle, send the photo to the car owner online or show him in person. For sure, your friend will freak out from seeing their car being burnt to a crisp.

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Main Features

  • Take a picture of your friends car to begin
  • Add multiple damage filters and even increase its size
  • Save the picture and show the car owner
  • Extremely easy to use with no technical expertise required

Fake Call Plus-Prank Call App

This calling simulator allows users to organize and create incoming fake calls, essentially ringing yourself. Since conversations will be entirely fabricated, you’ll be able to create any prank scenario you wish.

For example, if you’re in a situation where you desperately need to leave but are expected to stay, schedule an incoming call and pretend you have an emergency.

Or fool your friends by pretending you’re dating the prettiest girl in school. This app lets users designate fake contacts with a name and contact number, so input her phoney contact details and pretend to talk to her during your lunch hour.

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Suppose you’re having trouble engaging in an imaginary conversation during the call. In that case, an audio file can be made and imported so you can ad-lib your end of the conversation.

Main Features

  • Import your preferred audio as your ringtone or use the ringtones offered in the app
  • Make a fake call instantly, or choose a specified time to make one later
  • Record an audio file to be played during the call, simply ad-lib on your end so calls sound realistic and natural.
  • Calls can be scheduled to ring now or later, specify the time of your choice.
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