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Betta Fish Poop (The Unsung Hero of Your Aquarium)


Betta Fish Poop is essential for maintaining a healthy ecosystem within your home aquarium. There are three main types of fish poop that Bettas generate – solid pellets, dissolved organic matter, and dissolved minerals. All three are needed to maintain the balance of life within an aquarium.


We’ll talk about the importance of betta fish for sale and their poop in your aquarium. Not only does it help to maintain a healthy tank environment, but it is also a great fertilizer for plants. We’ll discuss how you can use betta fish poop in your garden and what you need to do if you don’t have an aquarium.

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Do Betta Fish Poop?


Yes, betta fish poop. They are secretive poopers. And to make matters worse, they don’t hold it long. You will rarely see them in the act. This usually occurs at night when they are not active and frequently under live plants where it can be hard to spot.


Betta Fish Poop looks like a worm with brown dots in the middle of it (if you look closely). You will find this under your live plants or floating around on the surface of the water – what we affectionately call “floaters”!


What Does Betta Fish Poop Look Like?


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Betta fish poop varies in color, shape, and size depending on the type of food your betta is eating. A healthy betta with a proper diet will produce brown-colored feces about one centimeter long that are torpedo-shaped. Betta fish typically have two excrement “passages” each day – once in the morning hours after they eat breakfast and then again later in the afternoon or evening.


Suppose you don’t know what to look for when examining your pet’s poop. In that case, it can sometimes be difficult to tell if they are sick because most medications only treat symptoms rather than root causes, so finding out why your bettas have diarrhea may take some detective work.

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What Should I Do If My Bettas Poop Is Cloudy?


If the stool is mushy and not shaped like a torpedo, your betta may have what’s called Bloat or SBD (Serious Body Disease). It can be caused by obesity or constipation. This disease usually requires long-term treatment with supportive care such as heat and fluids to help him recover from this illness.


Medications will only mask the symptoms rather than cure the condition; therefore, I would recommend talking to your vet about adding peas, zucchini, or cucumber slices into his diet to lower the risk of bloating while giving him additional nutrients that he needs.

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Does Betta Fish Poop Float?


Yes, betta fish poop can sometimes float to the surface depending on if your aquarium is gravity fed or not. Bettas are those fish with a special organ that allows them to absorb oxygen from the air, so they don’t need an airstone in their tank. The downside is it can be harder for water to circulate all around the aquarium, which means floating food and waste may collect at the top rather than being broken down by bacteria throughout the tank.




If you ever need to know how your betta fish is feeling, look at its poop. The color and size of the feces will tell you if it’s healthy or sick. Red-colored poop indicates that something might be wrong with their stomach, while yellow-orange spots signify that they may have an infection in the urinary tract.

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