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Choosing a cattery for buying a kitten British Golden Chinchilla

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A nursery is the best solution for acquiring a thoroughbred animal. If you want to buy british shorthair Vancouver, then you should look for a cattery that can make a nice offer. There are quite a few breeders in Canada who breed this breed. But, as reality shows, in most cases the prices are quite high, and not everyone is able to afford to buy a thoroughbred kitten. However, you can still find a nursery with pleasant prices, you just need to look a little. You should try to analyze what exactly this or that breeder offers.


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In any case, it is better to buy a kitten in a cattery, because the purity of the breed is ensured. In nurseries, all the conditions necessary for obtaining healthy offspring are created. Pairs of cats are selected that are involved in mating, and those that are able to give beautiful and healthy offspring. Each kitten is clearly monitored in terms of growth, feeding and care. The behavior of adult cats is monitored so that they do not harm small cubs with some of their behavioral characteristics. At the same time, the feeding process is controlled, both small cats and adult animals are cared for. Veterinary measures are being taken to ensure the future healthy growth of a small pet.


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How to contact the nursery?


Many nurseries have their own websites, there are contacts for communication. You can always contact the breeder’s representative and ask questions that interest a particular buyer. If there are kittens for sale, the cattery promptly informs about it. It is not uncommon for breeders to have social media accounts where they post the news that little creatures have been born.

Reservations may be offered. If the cat is pregnant, the cattery may post information about this and invite future buyers to reserve a cute creature. Again, it is quite difficult to reserve in terms of the result of such a service, because anything can happen. Nature behaves in an unpredictable way, although a breeder can provide all the conditions for a comfortable life for a pregnant cat. You can be upset if suddenly something happens and the kittens are not born. But the possibility of reservation allows you to get a kitten in the future, if the cat still resolves normally. Kittens will grow up healthy and pleasing with their beauty.

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If the kittens have already been born and there are offers to sell them, you can contact the cattery, come to see or ask to send photos. Of course, it is better if you visually look at the animals and already choose the one you like more. In parallel, it will be possible to assess the conditions for keeping adult cats, to conclude whether it is worth buying a pet from this particular breeder.

Of course, choosing a cattery that breeds golden british shorthair Vancouver cats is not an easy task. However, it is worth approaching the search for a breeder responsibly. This approach will ensure that a kitten of the declared breed will be purchased from healthy sires with the appropriate genetic characteristics.

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