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How to Play Online Bingo?


 Online Bingo is an ever-changing industry! Bingo has evolved massively in just a few short years! You used to visit special bingo halls, local community centres or events to participate and play in the game. But that’s all changed! With the shift to an internet-based world, it is now easier than ever to get ticking the numbers off a bingo sheet. You can even play from your own bedroom!

However, we understand that, though incredibly popular, not everybody knows just how to enjoy and take part in online bingo. That’s exactly why we are here! We want to show you just how quickly you can get started, and potentially get winning big!

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Remember you need to be 18+ to gamble within the UK and please feel free to visit BeGambleAware.org for more information on how to gamble safely.

Online Bingo: How do I get Started?

Well, it’s simple really! All you need to do is find a valid, licensed and trustworthy online bingo site. The options are truly endless as the list of great online bingo providers is always growing! There is a myriad of sites, each containing its own themes, games and available jackpots! We know that this may sound intimidating, but it becomes a lot less so when you go with the site that best reflects your own interests!

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Perhaps you love action gaming! Well, you should definitely choose a lively site with added mini-games and features. Or maybe you just like to keep it simple; well, we can assure you that there are plenty of sites out there that just provide minimalistic bingo. Ultimately, you just have to find an online bingo site that you like and enjoy.

You will likely then have to sign-up and become registered. This may also require some form of identification; after this is reviewed, you will be ready to shout “BINGO” – if you win of course!

What Type of Bingo Does Online Bingo Offer?

Bingo is supposed to be simple, it is designed to attract a range of players with its incredibly easy-to-learn ruleset. I am happy to say that online bingo doesn’t differ from this! Though there may be extra features, mini-games and promotions, the main game of online bingo are relatively unchanged across the board!

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In a nutshell, all you need to do is listen for a number called, and if you have that number on your card you scratch it off! Simple right?

However, it’s important to know that there are a plethora of different types of bingo, and they can change some factors of the game. Don’t worry, the main differences in these types of Bingo are the amount of numbers on each ticket and the amount of numbers that can then be called. We will continue to go through several examples below:

90-Ball Bingo

90-ball bingo focuses on a game with 15 numbers on a ticket. The numbers are organised in a 9×3 grid.

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The first column contains numbers 1-9 and the second column features numbers 10-19, and so on and so forth!

90 numbers will be randomly called throughout the game and there are three chances for you to win.

1-line win

To get a 1-line win, players need to tick/cover a complete horizontal line on their card.

2-line win

Players need two horizontal lines for this win! They need to be on the same ticket as one another.

Full house win

To get a full house, a player needs to mark off all the numbers on their ticket. These types of wins are usually the top prize, and will award jackpots or massive prizes!

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75-Ball Bingo

In a similar fashion to 90-ball bingo, players need to cross off the numbers from their bingo card as they are called. Except 75-ball bingo has five horizontal lines and five columns. Each column can be headed by a letter spelling BINGO.

There are plenty of ways to win 75-ball bingo!


To get a coverall win, players need to cross off all numbers on their cards!

Line wins

Players are also able to win by covering a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.

Pattern wins

Sometimes they even offer wins on certain patterns or shapes. These can include crosses, chevrons and diamonds!

Online Bingo: The Conclusion

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To finalise, online bingo is supposed to be fun and simple. It is a great game that can be played by anybody! People aren’t restricted by ability; now, due to it being accessible online, people aren’t even limited by location!

The evolution of the internet has been fantastic for the bingo industry. Introducing a new medium for players to get involved in the online bingo realm. There will undoubtedly be several players who decide to go to an old-school bingo hall as an effect of online bingo and vice versa! Online bingo and brick-and-mortar bingo are argued to form a symbiotic relationship, intertwining all of the best aspects of both forms of bingo. Are you ready to shout bingo?





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