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Stepping Into Summer 2021 With Confidence


There’s a lot to love about summertime, but for many people, these months bring about feelings of insecurity and embarrassment. Whether it’s comparing your poolside discomfort with someone else’s bikini-laden vacation photos on Instagram, it’s all too common to feel like your summer and all that comes with it simply isn’t living up to its potential. Nevertheless, your warm-weather worries don’t have to be the highlight of the season—with a bit of direction, you can enjoy your most confident summer yet.

Make impactful, tangible changes. 

When you’re looking to build your confidence this summer, you‘re likely balancing the internal and external factors that impact your level of confidence—or lack thereof. For the most effective take on those elements, consider which options would have the most significant impact on your day-to-day life and, more specifically, your life through the summer months. Someone who’s insecure about what they see as an imperfect smile, for instance, might turn to adult orthodontics procedures as one step that has a significant impact. Braces, Invisalign, or other orthodontics treatments isn’t a small step, necessarily, but it can give you the beautiful smile you’re dreaming of—and the confidence that comes with it—with what is ultimately just one development in your life.

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Improve your prospects. 

When you look forward to the months ahead, what are you anticipating will trigger negative feelings? Perhaps you expect that will be your Instagram feed. Consider, then, what steps you can take now to set your future self up for a brighter summer. You might decide that you’ll go on a social media hiatus to avoid prompting those feelings in the first place. Or, you might decide you’d rather browse refurbished cell phones to find an affordable option with a higher-quality camera than your current cell phone offers, letting you take better photos to post. Of course, you don’t have to tell anyone you’ve purchased a refurbished phone—all they’ll see is your new and improved social media feed.

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Treat yourself to something special. 

Whatever it is you’re focusing on to build summer confidence, there’s one simple way you can begin feeling better about yourself and your summer potential: buy yourself something special. Browse shirts and tops, jewelry, or the electronics on your wishlist, and invest in something in particular. For example, a new blouse might give you the mental boost to feel better about your appearance and conquer the summer day ahead of you. Of course, your new arrival doesn’t have to be centered on your appearance—the key here is to add a material confidence boost that will help you feel better, whatever that might look like for you.

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Focus on self-care. 

If you aren’t looking to spend money on your confidence, or you’re looking to go even deeper into your self-image, self-care may very well prove to be key to your progress. For example, you might turn to a skincare routine as a way to improve your appearance and feel as though you’re ready for greater confidence. Another person, alternatively, might decide to spend more time outside, improving their emotional well-being and, by extension, their self-esteem. Whatever self-care means to you, consider how you can use that concept to improve your confidence levels in the process.

Work on your mindset.

When it comes to health and wellness, one of the simplest tools at your disposal is completely free: your mindset. Developing a more confident mindset will, to some degree, depend on your unique situation and where you are now. However, a few concepts will apply to just about everyone. You might, for instance, decide to work on thinking more positively or diving into more energizing challenges. Do some research into various mindset shifts that can improve your confidence levels, then look into ways you can implement that new mindset into your day-to-day life this summer and beyond.

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Smile more.

Hamilton’s Aaron Burr might not have the most redeeming character arc of the Broadway hit, but he does have one thing working in his favor. His signature advice, “Talk less, smile more” just might be the key to confidence. Whether you’ve gotten that orthodontic treatment you wanted and are showing off your newly straight smile, or you’re just working to create a more positive mindset, smiling more often can help you to feel happier and more confident within just a few moments.

This summer, you don’t have to settle for insecurity. Instead, take action, be it big or small, to boost your confidence, build self-esteem, and feel better about the season ahead. No two people’s treatment plan for renewed confidence will be the same—one person might opt for invisible aligners and an improved smile, while another may simply purchase a new sleeveless top or dress. Whatever your methods, all that matters is that they help you feel more confident this summer. Chances are, you’ll find that your newfound self-assurance lasts long after the first autumn leaves start to fall.

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