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TikTok’s ranking shift to 4.4 Stars in Google Play


TikTok’s rating transferred to 4.4 Stars in Google Play after Google eliminates negative ratings in mass. The ratings had fallen to 1.2 stars after individuals rated the application negative in enormous numbers

TikTok’s rating moved to 4.4 stars in Google Play after Google removed the negative ratings that were made by many Indians. This backlash came towards the application after a video posted on the application with # IndiansAgainstTikTok hashtags surfacing on social media.

The backlash started when a Youtuber named CarryMinati released a video called YouTube vs TikTok – The End which roasted many TikTok users and the video was removed after it violated Terms of Service of Youtube. After that, a famous user named Faizal Siddiqui posted a video glorifying violence against women which led the video being removed and his account being suspended. People long ago have been criticizing the application being of Chinese origin and also hosted Pedophilia and videos of animal abuse Some are leveraging buy TikTok likes to achieve a higher engagement rate on the TikTok platform


The graph showed that there was a huge surge of 1 Star ratings last week and now those ratings are no longer live. As per the guidelines of the Google Play platform, users are not allowed to make inappropriate ratings against an application. These were the guidelines that made Google rule in favor of TikTok.

The ratings on Apple’s Appstore has not changed since the last week and has dropped to 3.4 Stars. This shows that Apple iOS users have not been in the horde to defame TikTok.

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