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Top 5 Best Window AC Brands in India 2020


In this scorching summer, you must be searching for the best window conditioner in India. Over the past decade, it is no longer an urge to buy an AC but it has become mandatory to own one as the heat has become far more sweltering with the rising high temperature. The temperature touches 50-degree Celsius these days.

Whether you are looking for the best window AC 1 ton or 2 ton AC, you must be interested to buy it from the best window Air Conditioner brands. How to check the best window AC brand to buy online? I visited an authentic review provider K2 Appliances. They provided a detailed list of the popular air conditioner brands of 2020.


The Best Window AC Brands 2020 

Here is a list for you to select the best window AC that suits your requirements the perfect. You can choose these brands either for your home or office.


  1. ·         Voltas
  2. ·         Blue Star
  3. ·         LG
  4. ·         Godrej
  5. ·         O General

Let’s talk one by one about these Top 5 Best Window AC brands

1. Voltas 

Voltas comes on the top in the list when we research about buying window AC online. This brand is considered one of the best manufacturers of air conditioners in India as well as across the world.

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It will be surprising for you to know that Voltas is the sole supplier of ACs for the tallest building of the world (Burj Khalifa). Voltas ACs come equipped with cross airflow with turbo cool mode. This feature starts cooling the atmosphere within minutes.

Voltas has also introduced some high-end split ACs that come with a catechin protection filter. This filter has a Nanosilver technology that cleanses the air of dust mites, dangerous bacteria, and other impurities.

2. Blue Star 

Blue Star is the best window AC brand in India and tops the chart when we talk about trusted manufacturers of air conditioners and refrigerators. It offers the best window AC 1 ton, 2 ton, etc. for both home and office complexes. Its products are known for being affordable and well-suited to cater according to Indian climates.

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If you choose Blue Star’s window AC, you can rest assured of features. It is popular for precision cooling technology that enables you to set temperatures even in decimals. It comes packed with air purification technology that removes airborne bacterial (makes air perfect for breathing). If you want to buy window AC online from Blue Star, you will notice that some models are integrated with Voice Operation technology (it allows you to operate AC with voice commands). Hot and Cool inverter feature makes ACs perfect for all seasons. Its four-way adjustable swing spreads air uniformly in the entire surrounding.

3. LG 

Looking for the best window AC 1.5 ton or other specifications? LG, the South Korean company, needs no introduction. It is one of the best manufacturers of electronic appliances (especially for air conditioners). Air conditioners from LG come with a special Himalayan cool feature. This technology makes you feel amid the chilling climate of the Himalayas. You will also enjoy its Monsoon comfort technology to fight against humid air quality during the rainy season. It works without taking extra power consumption.

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LG has also enabled wireless access within it. With this technology, users can control and monitor their smartphones. In some window AC India models by LG, there is a two-in-one cooling and heating function. You can use these window air conditioners throughout the year.

4. Godrej 

Quality of Godrej products speaks for itself. Godrej, an India’s based, best window Air conditioner brand, offers products at affordable pricing. Its products are known for their smooth functioning and performance.

Godrej air conditioners are integrated with iSense technology that can detect the exact location of a person within the room and provide cooling. It also saves energy. The dry mode technology extracts excessive humidity in the monsoon season. You can feel comfortable and cool in sweaty weather. More and more people window AC online from Godrej as it is popular for Catechin and Silver Ion filters. It not only offers you cool air but also cleanses the air by trapping dust mites, harmful bacteria, and other undesired particles. In its Green Balance technology, Godrej air conditioners contribute to zero ozone depletion. Godrej’s air conditioners are eco-friendly and ensure a sustainable future.

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5. O General 

This brand is also known as Fujitsu General. This Japanese brand manufactures air conditioners for residential, industrial, and residential setups. O General window AC comprises a built-in heater and performs dual functionality with cooling and heating. You can use these air conditioners throughout the year in both warm and summer seasons.

The heating functionality is not performed via a heating element. This feature makes the air conditioners energy-efficient and eco-friendly. It is ACs come with human sensors that can detect the count of people, their location, and adjust its cooling accordingly. Some models come with multi-path and high-density heat exchanger features for rapid and faster cooling.


Some other noticeable features include O General functionality to eradicate dust particles, bad odor, automatic restart, and these custom settings will make the best window AC in any season. Even after a power cut, its V-PAM inverter compressor works wonderfully by self-adjusting the energy consumption accordingly.


If you want to buy window AC online, then you can consider these top 5 brands. Feeling stuck among these brands and with so many features and functionalities? You can visit K2 Appliances, the No 1 review provider of kitchen and home appliances in India. Reviews, features, pros, and cons are posted after a thorough analysis of the expert team.

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