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Top Gold Farming Spots in Phase 6 of Classic WoW


With TBC likely just a few months away, most players are grinding gold like crazy. No one wants to be on a ground mount for long in Outland, but if you want to fly, it’s going to set you back a big chunk of gold. How much? 900 gold for Expert flying and 5000 gold for Artisan flying. And that’s just for flying – you’ll have to spend gold on a bunch of other stuff like profession materials, weapons, and more when the expansion launches. If you need to make lots of gold and quickly, then you’re in the right place. Here we’re going to look at the top gold farming spots for phase 6 in Classic WoW. If you don’t have the time to farm but still want to get your hands on more gold, you can buy WoW gold from digital goods marketplaces like Eldorado.gg.

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Before we start, it’s worth noting that your success at these locations may vary. How successful a gold farm is depends on numerous factors. For example, the game servers typically have higher populations in the evenings after most people finish school or work. This increases competition at farming spots. Also, your classes’ ability to kill mobs quickly can impact how much gold you can make. Lastly, some locations may be more lucrative than others, depending on what items are in demand on your realm economy. Still, sure you’re to find a gold farming spot that works for your class and realm. Let’s get started.

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Silithus Farming (80G to 150G Per Hour)

Silithus, the bug-infested zone in southern Kalimdor, is an absolute gold mine.

Here’s what you’ll be farming for in Silithus:

Encrypted Twilight Text

10 Encrypted Twilight Texts give a player 100 rep points with the Cenarion Circle. Since Cenarion Circle rep has some great rewards, like powerful blue and purple rarity armor, many players are looking to buy Encrypted Twilight Texts to boost their rep.


Runecloth is an essential material in both Classic WoW and TBC, so you’re guaranteed to sell all the Runecloth you find.

Twilight Cultist Cowl, Twilight Cultist Mantle, Twilight Cultist Robe

The Twilight Cultist Cowl and the other two items are used to summon a low-level boss at the Wind Stones in Silithus. The boss always drops Abyssal Crest (used for Cenarion Circle rep) and has a 25% chance of dropping a random Abyssal Green item, which can sell for over 5 gold on the Auction House.

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Twilight Prophet

The Twilight Prophet is a level 60 elite mob that patrols between Twilight Post and Twilight Base Camp. She typically drops 7 to 10 pages of Encrypted Twilight Text and spawns every 20 to 30 minutes. She’s a lucrative kill!

Gold farming in Silithus is excellent in phase 6 because this spot is even more lucrative after the AQ gates have been opened.

Un’goro Crater (70G to 90G Per Hour)

Also in southern Kalimdor, we’ve got the Un’goro crater Devilsaur farm. The biggest moneymaker in this Jurassic forest is Devilsaur Leather, which you can get from skinning Devilsaurs, Ironhide Devilsaurs, Tyrant Devilaurs, and King Mosh. The mobs themselves also have a small chance of dropping Devilsaur Leather. However, the drop chance is so low that relying on drops from mobs isn’t a consistent way of making gold. You need the skinning profession for this one.

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Why is Devilsaur Leather farming so profitable? Because players need it to craft Devilsaur Gauntlet and Devilsaur Leggings. This farm was highly competitive in the early phases of the game but is much easier to do in phase 6, and Devilsaur Leather still sells well on the Auction House.

Beyond Devilsaurs, you can find plenty of profitable herbs like Sungrass, Blindweed, Ghost Mushroom, Golden Sansam, and Dreamfoil in this lush jungle.

Dalaran (60G to 90G per Hour)

Here you’re farming Elemental Earth, which is used to craft protection potions. You’ll also loot a bunch of Heavy Stones, which players can use to make sharpening stones and boost melee damage, so these can fetch you a nice sum too. There are other places you can farm for these items, like Arathi Highlands or Badlands, but the area outside Dalaran is a better choice for most players. Why? Because Arathi Highlands and Badlands tend to attract a lot of players who are also farming, making it too competitive. For the most part, you can farm in Dalaran without having to worry about other players.

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The main drawback of Dalaran farming is that, beyond Elemental Earth, the Elemental mobs don’t drop much else. You’ll likely only make 10 to 20 silver from raw drops, and random high-value BoE item drops are extremely unlikely.

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