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What are the Benefits of Consuming Chlorophyll?


Chlorophyll, the green pigmentation in plants responsible for a vital process known as photosynthesis, has become a social media sensation. Not because of its role in plants, but in humans. Yes, influencers are posing all over social media with chlorophyll drinks, making all manner of claims about its benefits. While some haven’t been proven by scientists yet, others have promising results. And this should be a motivation to drink chlorophyll and add a chlorophyll shot to your daily routine.

But many ask whether there are any genuine and proven benefits of taking a chlorophyll shot. And yes, this is important to ask for a new supplement that has just hit the market. But, unfortunately, many are already overhyped by it and think it is some sort of ‘manna’ from heaven. So, what are these benefits that we all should know before deciding to use chlorophyll?

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Healing the Skin

Taking a chlorophyll shot regularly can help to heal your skin. While some people prefer to use it topically, others would want to take it through drops in drinks. It has some fantastic results when it comes to the skin. Some of the ways it is helpful to the skin include dealing with acne.

Chlorophyll can also help to reduce the growth of bacteria in wounds. That is why many people use the topical supplement whenever they have any scars. In terms of inflammation, taking a chlorophyll shot can help cut down on inflammation in the body.


Taking a chlorophyll shot can help you detoxify the body. The human body has several toxins that can affect its general performance. Unfortunately, these toxins can also put you at risk of contracting several illnesses and infections.

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Chlorophyll has shown tremendous results for detoxifying and ridding the body of these toxins. And in turn, this helps the liver to perform its role effectively.

Cancer Control

Studies on mice have shown how chlorophyll can help reduce tumour size in mice with human pancreatic cancer cells. Although studies are still ongoing, it is promising that chlorophyll can show these signs of fighting off cancer.

Due to its anti-inflammatory benefits, it is well-poised to reduce the growth of tumours and other inflammations. Trials are still ongoing to see how chlorophyll can help fight against different types of cancer.

Weight Control

Weight control and loss is one of the trendier benefits of taking a chlorophyll shot. At least according to social media and the influencers behind the use of chlorophyll. There are claims that it helps to cut down fats in the body and this helps with weight loss.

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That is why many gym instructors are advising their members to try out chlorophyll supplements as an addition to exercise and fitness. While it may not help you lose weight on its own, taking a chlorophyll shot can help supplement the activities that you’re taking to lose weight much faster.

Boosting Metabolism and Energy Production

Chlorophyll can increase the body’s metabolism and help one to produce more energy. This can be particularly great for those hitting the gym or participating in various fitness routines. It can also be an excellent supplement for those experiencing general energy loss in the body.

A Natural Deodorant

Another benefit that has become widespread on social media is that taking a chlorophyll shot can help improve general body scents. It acts as natural deodorant against typical body odors.

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This is so much that it has been in use since the 1940s for this exact reason. People with conditions that give out a fishy odour found that chlorophyll helped them reduce this condition. The same applies to those with mouth odours and sweat odours.

Are there any Risks Associated with Taking a Chlorophyll Shot?

While chlorophyll is generally safe for all, it sure has some side effects and risks in some individuals. First off, if you are pregnant or have any underlying medical condition, it would be best to consult your doctor before taking any chlorophyll shot. Some of the risks and side effects that may or may not occur when you’re taking a chlorophyll shot include:

  • Diarrhea – you may experience diarrhea in the initial instances that you consume chlorophyll.
  • Abdominal pains – these may follow diarrhea or precede it.
  • Change in coloration of the stool and urine – don’t mistake this for gastrointestinal bleeding.
  • Itching or burning is mostly the case when you use chlorophyll topically.
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In most cases, these side effects disappear within a day or so. However, if any of them persists beyond the typical period, you would have to book a session with your doctor.

Final Thoughts

Chlorophyll sure shows some promising benefits so far. But studies are still ongoing, and there’s probably more we will find out in the coming years about taking a chlorophyll shot.

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