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What To Look For In A TV For The Best Movie Experience


If you are a total film fanatic, then you most likely want a TV that will give you the best movie experience. This buyer’s guide will discuss some features you should be looking for, from 4K resolution to screen size – to give you the best movie experience possible. QNED TVs from LG are a great place to start as they uniquely combine Quantum Dot technology with NanoCell technology to deliver revolutionary color. Enough TV talk; let’s dive into some specific features.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is a feature that you want to pay close attention to. It explains the number of times that the screen refreshes itself every second. If you want your TV to deliver an exceptional movie experience, look for a TV with a refresh rate of 120Hz. If you choose a TV with a poor refresh rate, you will notice that the picture suffers from motion blur. The picture on-screen will not be as clear as you’d hoped and can appear slow. This is certainly something that you want to avoid during movie night.

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4K Resolution Or More

Your TV’s resolution refers to the number of pixels that make up your screen. Poor resolution will affect the display quality of your TV. You will not be able to enjoy a clear picture, and you will find that the screen looks a lot more pixelated than usual. Ideally, you want to choose a TV that has a 4K resolution or more. Take a look at these QNED TVs from LG. They start at 4K resolution and go up to 8K resolution, which is pretty impressive. QNED TVs with 8K resolution will give you a crystal clear picture on-screen, and you will find that the colors displayed are a lot more intense, improving your movie experience.

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Screen Size

Screen size is important when it comes to choosing a TV. The QNED TVs, as previously discussed, come in various sizes to suit the shape of your home. Before shopping for TVs, think about where you will put one in your home. Measure the area, and try to pick a TV that will stand out. The bigger you can make the screen, the more it will feel like you are in the cinema. Be careful when picking your screen size. Bigger isn’t always better. You must always take resolution and refresh rate into consideration. There is no use having a huge TV – if the picture quality is poor.

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Connection Ports

If you want to watch home movies from a streaming device, you will need to ensure that your TV has a variety of connection ports. Without ports for HDMIs, USBs, and other connections, you will struggle to connect your TV antenna and streaming devices. This will make it very difficult for you to set up your home cinema. Most TVs should have these connection ports. However, some won’t. So, you must make sure to check before you make a purchase.

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