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Where you should get CBAP certification in Hong Kong


The Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) distinction is a professional accreditation for people who have a lot of expertise in business analysis. It is one of the essential business analyst training.


Based on industry best-accepted standards and benchmarks such as the Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK), and other industry practices, this course provides the basic skills set required for Business Analysts (BA) professionals. The course also introduces you to BA principles, which will help you apply what you’ve learned thus far.


CBAP Certification is one of the most popular professional courses, with many people attempting to comprehend its significance. A person having a CBAP certification will provide greater value to the organization, as well as provide opportunities for advancement and new career opportunities.

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Individuals with a CBAP certification can acquire the following skills:


  • Demonstrate your understanding of the skills required to be a successful Business Analyst.
  • Develop a professional level of competency in business analysis principles and procedures.
  • Join a well-known professional organization.
  • Obtain peer and management acknowledgement for your professional abilities.
  • Create a different and distinct career path within the information technology industry and business community to advance your career possibilities.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the field of business analysis.


Get the best training for CBAP certification in Hongkong


It is usually a 2/3-day intense CBAP classroom training course in Hong Kong that will help you prepare for the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certification exam. It is a certification-focused training program and has an exam-oriented notion. It is based on the BABOK Guide v3’s six knowledge areas. Mainly aims to prepare you to pass the CBAP certification exam.

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A professional business analyst who has a grip on training, counselling, and leading expertise leads the CBAP classroom training course in Hong Kong. The high-quality course materials include question papers at the end of the book. It is a 4-hour CBAP certification exam and comprises 300 questions and answers. The course gives interactive learning sessions with life-based case studies. These will help you meet your training and learning objectives and prepare well for the CBAP examinations.


Usually universities in Hongkong issue a 21 Continuing Development Units (CDUs) certificate upon successful completion of the course either in-office or online. This is a prerequisite for the application procedure for the CBAP certification exam. They will also give students 24 PMI PDUs to help them keep their PMI certification.

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To know more about Hongkong’s Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certification training exam prep course, please connect with the top universities where you can fill in the inquiry form. To learn about forthcoming dates for the instructor-led CBAP certification training course in Hong Kong, you can send an email to the given universities. For CBAP certification exam preparation, some also offer instructor-led live online training sessions.


How much time will it take to finish the application process and study for the exam once it has been approved in Hongkong?


  • One should get at least three to four months for studying, with a minimum of eight hours each week dedicated to reading the BABOK Guide ( best one for the CBAP certification) and other supporting materials, as well as taking practice examinations. Everyone’s study habits vary, but this is a recommended minimum when combined with other work and family obligations.
  • Become a member of a study group. Study groups can aid comprehension by drawing on everyone’s prior experience to provide context. Rather than straining to memorize material, this will provide a more thorough grasp. Know your profession inside and out: the BABOK Guide information can be put to good use.
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One thing to remember about applications is that they are evaluated as soon as submission and the application fee is paid. You won’t be able to submit your application until you’ve completed all of the eligibility conditions. You will be allowed to submit your application and pay the application cost once your online application shows that all requirements have been met (i.e., each prerequisite area has a green checkmark). You will immediately receive an email from the same statement that you have been accepted or that you have been approved awaiting audit once your money has been received.


What is the required minimum score to pass the exam?

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The exam administrators use psychometric methodologies to validate cut scores. The following is the procedure for developing certification exams:


  • The exam questions or items are developed by a writing session with CBAP volunteers.
  • The second set of CBAP volunteers assesses and rates each question’s difficulty.
  • The exam has started.
  • The cut score is established based on the cumulative performance of test items after a number of exam candidates have taken the exam. The cut score is fixed and does not fluctuate throughout the exam’s existence, though it is monitored to maintain the exam’s usefulness.


The cut score or pass rate for any exam will not be made public by the IIBA Certification Body. The raw data is scaled to a standard scale. The minimal passing score is 500, not the maximum possible score, as stated in the failed exam result.

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You must satisfy the following requirements to achieve the CBAP certification in Hongkong:


  • BA Experience: 7500 hours of the same
  • Knowledge Area: 900+ hours in at least 4 of the 6 core BABOK Knowledge Areas
  • Education: High School or College Degree
  • Professional Development: 21 Hours in past 4 Years
  • Two References: can be a career manager, client, or a CBAP
  • In addition: Code of Conduct signed


Advantages of the CBAP Certification


BA certificates enable a person to chart a long-term path and standardize their talents and expectations in a BA position. Companies can utilize certification to indicate that a candidate understands the BA position, as well as, expected tasks and duties. The certifications also certify that an applicant has worked as a BA and has all of the necessary training and knowledge for the position.

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Primary CBAP Certification Benefits-


  • Extensive Perspective: The CBAP course teaches a few problem-solving techniques and methodologies, including thoroughly considering and thinking beyond the box.


  • Widely Recognized for Verifiable Learning: A CBAP certified individual doesn’t need much evidence other than the certification to demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills to be a competent business analyst.


  • Become a Proficient Member of a Legitimate Group: It is significant for networking, as a resource base for discussing and resolving problems, and for global recognition by various business peers.


  • Individuals with a CBAP certification are seen as having a commitment to the business investigative career path. As a result, they enjoy a lot of credibility among IT and business network managers.
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  • Individuals who have earned a CBAP certificate have demonstrated their commitment to a profession in business analysis. As a result, they enjoy a high level of trust among IT and commercial employers.


  • Speak BA Professional’s Language: With CBAP training and certification, you will become competent and eloquent in simply disseminating complicated BA concepts to other professionals and non-professionals in an organization. The value of a BA’s currency as an organization, on the other hand, is considerably increased.


  • Career Advancement and Compensation Increase: With CBAP certification, an employee can immediately receive a raise in salary, not only because of their increased knowledge and expertise but also because they will be working on important organization projects and primary programmes.
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  • Individuals with a CBAP certification are more likely to be happy at work because they have the tools and confidence to handle all of their obligations with the aptitude, knowledge, and abilities that are required of them. It leads to higher job satisfaction among CBAP certified professionals.



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