July 29, 2019
sctech busapi - Why Travel Agencies Should Invest in Bus API

The travel industry market is over-fastidious and
overcrowded and to survive in such a niche, a travel agency must provide some
lucrative add-on to their clients to keep them motivated to purchase from you.
There are travel agencies, who provide only flight booking service, a few proffers
both flight and hotel booking service, other give the opportunity to get a
complete itinerary, which includes flight, hotel, bus, car, cruise, train etc.
along with travel packages. This inspires the travelers to book from the site
that enables them to get a complete package without letting them move from one
site to another.

When you decide to offer your clients with out of the box services, you must consider adding some lucrative and additional services. Millennial traveler doesn’t like to move from place to place to get the required service, rather they prefer to book from a site that empowers them to select from multifarious options. Considering Bus Booking System Integration into your system will make you your clients favorite as many travelers have to travel from one city to another and since every city doesn’t serve any airport, so bus becomes the only mode of transport and it is the cheapest too.

sctech busapi - Why Travel Agencies Should Invest in Bus API

Bus API is a software solution that helps the travel portals
to get access to the real-time inventory of the bus operators and further
streamline the data to the users. From the availability of seats, seat
selection, routes connecting, price, discounts and deals, destination etc. the
whole required data will be shown in the site, so that the clients can make a
booking according to their requirements.

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Benefits of Bus API are mentioned below:

  • Bus availability
  • Bus booking status
  • Total revenue transacted
  • Report on daily booking
  • Easy printing of ticket option
  • Total seats booked on a particular date
  • Total seats booked on a particular route
  • Options for view history of reservations
  • Reports
  • Earn highest commission on bus booking platform
  • Instant commission will be added
  • A user-friendly and customized online bus
    booking engine
  • Speedy refunds on cancellation
  • Online rescheduling and cancellation of tickets
  • 24/7 business support


  • Customizable design and layout
  • Advanced and flexible yield capabilities
  • Every feature is predefined and design and
    services you provide is not editable from customer’s end
  • In-depth reporting and revenue tracking
  • Instant loading of custom light weight website
  • Custom promo code
  • Dynamic packaging of the bus related products
    and services
  • Admin can upload banner images
  • Notify client via email or SMS after log in
  • Notify the status of the bus and any changes in
    the service to the end customer via email and SMS
  • Report on daily booking
  • Easy E-ticketing option
  • Options for view history and tracking live
    status of the bus
  • Cancellations or rescheduling of tickets
  • PNR generation
  • Multiple payment gateways
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It helps the travel portal decode the requirements regarding
their bus booking service and this may include the class of travel, budget and
the time of travel too. It has various functionalities like route creation,
allocation of routes, seat selection and reservation, price, availability,
tracking the status and many more.

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