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Why You Should Open a Gold IRA with a Reputable Company


Why You Should Open a Gold IRA with a Reputable Company

Every day, more and more people are investing in the shiny precious metal called gold. Of course, while some people prefer to do so through gold-related paper investments like stocks, others prefer buying it physically. Both options have their advantages, but you’ll find that owning it physically might just be the safest way of investing in the metal.

If you’re a new investor, it is important for you to understand that while gold-related investments are relatively safe investments, they are still vulnerable to economic crises. However, physical gold in bars or coins is almost immune to financial or economic crisis because it has an intrinsic value. Click here to learn more about the metal’s intrinsic value.

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Another reason why investors may want to consider investing physically in the shiny metal is that gold-related paper investments are only as good as the companies managing them. That is, if you buy stocks in a gold mining Company, for example, how well the asset performs depends on how well the Company is doing and not on how the asset is performing in the market. Whether your investment will be profitable depends largely on how well the issuing company is being managed.

So, how does one go about investing in physical gold? There are several ways by which this can be done, however, we’ll be considering investing through a gold IRA.

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What is a Gold IRA?

A gold individual retirement account (IRA) is like a conventional IRA in that holders of this account enjoy just about the same tax advantages as the conventional one. However, this account, being a type of self-directed IRA allows individuals to invest in many investment products. Holders of this account can invest in precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, real estate, cryptocurrencies, and even art.

Investors have so many options to choose from and this is why self-directed IRAs are so attractive to individuals looking to save and invest for retirement. Of course, there are other retirement plans that individuals utilize like the 401(k), 401(a), 401(b), thrift savings plans, and so on. But you’ll find that none offers as much freedom to choose from different investments as a self-directed IRA.

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People often ask if they can buy gold using their 401(k) plan. Well in most cases no and those that allow precious metals investment can only purchase paper gold in the form of mutual funds or ETFs. This means that 401(k) gold coins are a myth and individuals should steer clear of anyone who comes to them with such offers.

Why Invest in Gold?

There are several reasons why people should consider adding this precious metal to their retirement nest. We mentioned one of these reasons earlier in this article when we said that the asset is almost immune to financial or economic crises. Based on financial historical data, it tends to perform better than other assets in times of financial crisis.

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At such times, while the value of other assets plummets, that of this precious metal rises. This is because when investors are uncertain of the market, they buy physical gold in a bid to protect their wealth. Why? Because as we’ve mentioned earlier as well, it has an intrinsic value and is recognized all around the world.

What this means is that $5,000 worth of the shiny metal in the USA is worth $5,000 in China, Russia, and any other part of the world. So, when the stock market begins to go south, investors turn to gold as a safety net. Investors also use the asset as a hedge against inflation. Rather than save money in the bank, it is more financially prudent to do so in an asset that appreciates like stocks, or one that cannot be affected by inflation, and gold is the perfect example. This is not to say that gold doesn’t appreciate, not at all. However, other assets like stocks, tend to appreciate much faster and yield greater returns.

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Why is it Important to Open a Gold IRA with a Reputable Company?

As with most other things, doing business with well-established and reputable companies takes away all the guessing and brings a sense of confidence. Reputable gold companies are transparent and understand how the industry works.

Now, there are many reasons why you should set up your gold IRA with a reputable company. But you’ll find the most important to be that there are almost never any hidden fees. Upfront, they give you a breakdown of all the necessary fees you must pay for your account to be set up and managed effectively, and they try as much as possible to simplify the whole process.


Investors should take their time when looking for a gold IRA company; it is very important. Many individuals who picked random companies to work with without vetting them have had bad experiences. Shady companies always have hidden charges that when summed up could run into thousands.

Managing Your Asset

When you buy gold through this self-directed IRA, according to the IRS, you’re not allowed to store or manage the asset yourself. The asset must be managed by a custodian and stored securely with a trustee. The custodian takes care of all the necessary documentation and administrative processes required to manage the asset.

Of course, their services are not for free and unlike a conventional IRA, you’ll spend more to manage a gold IRA. Fees typically include account opening fee, custodian fee, and storage fee. If you’ll be opening the account with at least $30,000, the custodian could waive the account opening fee. On the average management fees for these accounts are between $600 and $1000 depending on the company you’ve chosen to work with. Visit https://www.forbes.com/ to learn more about gold IRA custodians.

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Final Thoughts

When it comes to saving for retirement, investing in gold is an excellent option as it is relatively safer than most other investment options. Also, it is important that individuals begin this process early enough if they are to get good returns on their investment. That said, no one should put all their retirement funds into one plan or investment. To reduce risk, experts advise that investment portfolios be diversified.



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