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6 YouTube Video to Audio Converter Free Online Sites


Because of the advertisement culture on most music streaming websites, it is difficult these days to listen to your favorite musicians online, and it becomes a hassle for you to skip all the ads while listening to your playlists. Furthermore, paid subscriptions for various music streaming platforms are a whole other problem for college students and other people who can’t afford it. Therefore, to solve this persistent problem hindering your music-listening time, here’s a list of websites where you can convert the YouTube videos you want to listen to without any interruptions into audio files that you can download. Also, try downloading from 4Hub.

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It is a multi-purpose website. It offers services to download mp3 and mp4 from YouTube as well as Facebook. To convert from YouTube to audio, you have to go to the website, copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to convert into audio, paste it into its converter, and click on the option of ‘Convert MP3’. The website will provide you an opportunity to download the audio version of the YouTube video right away, and the downloading speed is also breakneck. The service is for free and for computers, tablets, and mobile devices; there is also no limitation for the duration of the video or audio, which is a huge plus point of the website. The website also claims that it provides the best quality audio after conversion, even if there is no option to select sound quality.

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One of my go-to websites for converting YouTube videos to audio is www.ytmp3.cc. The process is simple; you have to go to the YouTube video you want to convert into audio, copy its URL and paste it in the converter of YTMP3’s website; after pasting the URL, you have to click on convert. The website will find the video and convert it into audio in just a few seconds and make its mp3 version available for download for you. Still, it has a 90-minute limitation on the video duration. You have to click on the download button to get an offline version of the audio. The website doesn’t provide an option to choose the audio quality, but the downloaded mp3 is of satisfactory quality. This service is available for computers, tablets, and mobile devices, is free of cost, and doesn’t require any software or registration.

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YouTube to MP3 Music

This website offers options to convert a YouTube video into MP3, MP4, and audio files. All you have to do is fix the link or write the keywords of the YouTube video you want to convert into audio or MP3, paste it on the website and click on the go. The website will then give you options of the formats you can convert it in and their quality. For MP3, the available attributes are mp3 64, 128, 192, 256, and 320 kbps; for audio, the rates available are web 52, 69, 129, and 135 kbps. Thus, the website provides a lot of audio conversion options. The video gets converted into audio in just a few seconds. It is available for download; a QR code for downloading it on another device is also provided, along with an option to save it on dropbox. The service is provided free of cost and is unlimited, without registration and no soft wares.

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MP3 Download

Another video to audio converter website is the MP3 download website. The process is quite simple. First, you should copy the video URL you want to have the audio extracted from and then go to the https://mp3download.to paste the URL and click on Search. The website will provide you with a download option of MP3, audio, and video with different quality options and file sizes. So select the preferable option according to your requirements and click on download; you can also trim or crop the audio length.

MP3 Skulls

This website provides the service to convert videos into audio format for free; it also doesn’t only cater to links from YouTube, so you’re free to use links of videos to convert into audio from other websites. The method is the same, copy the link or URL of the video you want the audio form and paste it on the website; after clicking on convert, it will take a few seconds, but the option to download the MP3 and Mp4 and another option to save on Dropbox will appear. Click on the MP3 download option, and the audio file will automatically start downloading.

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Ontiva is a website that has a variety of converting and editing options for YouTube videos. You have to copy-paste the URL of the YouTube video you want the audio from at https://ontiva.com/ and click on ‘start now.’ The website will then provide you with options to convert the video into MP3, MP4, and audio and the opportunity to make a gif or download its thumbnail. Furthermore, it gives you a chance to pick the audio quality under MP3 and its file size. You can also crop or trim the video and audio according to your preference. One drawback of Ontiva is that unregistered users cannot download audio files with a quality of more than 128k. But otherwise, the website is fine and makes your download available in just a few seconds, depending on the length of the video.

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