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Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2021


Video Editing is a visual part to manipulate the video with an exclusive mechanism to make your video a standout one. This software enables you to rearrange, add, cut, trim, adjust the volume level, and synchronize audio files with the video clips in such a way you like. Apart from this, if you need any kind of help with your noisy audio files then Media Medic can surely be of great help. Furthermore, it lets you merge two or more videos and cut the unnecessary portion to get perfect video flow. There are tons of best video editing apps available for all operating systems, including iOS. iPhone and iPad are the handy devices that support various amazing video editing apps. It is no always necessary to use a pc for video editing as the iPhone and iPad supported apps are more powerfully built with customization tools to evoke emotions on your videos. Some best video editors for your iPhone and iPad are as follows.

Top Video Editing Apps for iPhone and iPad

Our handpicked list of the best video editor apps for your iPhone and iPad devices, including the new iPad Pro.



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LumaFusion is a powerful and feature-rich video editing program currently free on iOS devices. It helps multi-track editing with an incredible section of editing tools to use. LumaFusion is an advanced video editing software that supports journalists, professional video makers, and filmmakers. The app enables you to convey stories with stunning effects and audio tracks for narration. Instantly it displays a preview of your work on an external monitor. LumaFusion on iPhone or iPad allows you to import videos from multiple cloud storage apps, including iCloud Drive, Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox. But, it is a premium video editing software as you will need to pay $29.99.

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iMovie is an official video editing software that lets you carry out basic and easy video editing on iOS devices. Working with iMovie gives additional comfort, because it is built-in with all essentials, without having unnecessary extras. iMovie is a convenient app to use; even a person without editing knowledge and experience can work on this app fast. It gives a simple way to edit the videos and change them to digital format without using videotape. You can import your digital videos into iMovie to edit, separates scenes, delete unwanted parts, and shuffle the scenes. Moreover, you can spruce up your videos by adding a variety of visual effects and audios.

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Videoshop is a free and quick best video editing software with a wide selection of functionalities. It is equipped with all necessary and advanced video editing tools to get a better experience. You can import the videos from your device folder, trim the unwanted footage, adjust the starting and end timings, merge videos, and many more available features. You can also add filters, animated titles, slow motion or quick motion videos, and music tracks to your videos. Edit the videos in any format and save them to your device storage and Dropbox. Additionally, it allows you to share your work via social networks including, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, and many more.

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Splice is an available and useful best video editing app that works well on the iPhone and iPad. It is provided with a simple to use interface and unlimited editing features. You can find several editing options to make a video stand out, including effects, tools to cut unwanted portions, adjust the video’s speed, crop, and trim. Furthermore, it allows you to edit audio and add background music to your video files. It is integrated with different social media platforms to directly share your videos to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. One of Splice’s rewarding features is that you can edit top-quality videos and save them without watermarks.

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FilmoraGo is a different free video editing app that comes with a simple interface and professional editing features. The main advantage of this best app is that it is swift to access and edit the videos within minutes. It also provides a free set of features to record, add text, music, and unlimited themes. You can reduce the clip length, and it adds no annoying watermarks to your videos. Editing with FilmoraGo will take your video to the next level with advanced effects. Users can attach your favourite songs to your videos. You can eventually share their creations with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and many more.

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Magisto is one of the top-ranked quality video editor built-in with the new mechanics for better video editing. In addition to video editing, it also functions as a video creator to create your videos within it. Magisto doesn’t require any signup or account to use video editing features. This app has better ways to create and edit top-quality videos with cool graphics and background sound effects. It supports you create slideshows with your photos and combine video clips, photos, music, and products. You can also quickly share your videos directly to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Email, and many more.

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Adobe Premiere Clip



Adobe Premiere Clip is a free best video editor compatible with iPhone and iPad. It is a sufficient app to perform all primary stuff, including trim, add, remove, and apply visual effects to your videos. Also, you are allowed to change the playback speed and create a duplicate copy in real-time. You can merge other segments of video clips fast and rearrange them in any order you want. But, it is free editing software that asks you to sign up for free creative cloud storage. If you want more additional storage, it is open in the premium version.

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InShot is a simple way to get everything in one place as you can edit, apply other effects, filters, and stickers to your video. It let you access all video formats and seamlessly add all sorts of modifications you required. You can get guidelines for every task, which supports to get rid of you from difficulties. It is only an editing app, and so you cannot create videos or do filming with this app. Once a video is imported, all the videos’ frames appear separately, so you can effortlessly select the appropriate portion of the video you want to edit. The free version of the InShot possesses enough attributes. However, at any point, if you’re going to upgrade the app, you can move to the premium version for more features.

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Cameo is a well-featured video editor with a clean and intuitive interface to use. With this, you can import saved videos from iPhone or iPad camera roll and downloaded videos from Vimeo online. It can adjust brightness, contrast, colour, fonts, titles and many more. Cameo allows you to rearrange the video clips. It lacks the external audio support, and so you cannon add your music to your videos, but it provides a free library where you can find hundreds of soundtracks to select from. Cameo doesn’t impose any restrictions on video length and quality. It works better on all kinds of videos. Finished videos can be saved to iPhone or iPad camera roll in HD. Additionally, it had an option to upload your videos publicly or privately to Vimeo.

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Videorama is a standard best video editor that turns your videos better than ordinary. It offers a powerful array of editing tools and mind-blowing graphic effects to create stand out movies and short videos quickly. Also, you can add animated captions, subtitles, soundtracks, and products to enrich your video. Videorama an all-time favourite video editor. You can make free movie editing with various canvas to your high-resolution videos up to 1080p HD. Using this app on your iPhone is something equal to having a mini Hollywood studio in your hand. In addition to the available version, Videorama provides a Premium version to unlock more features.

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To Conclude

Are you watching for smart and straightforward best video editing apps for your iPhone and iPad? All the above apps are the perfect answer to make your video something other. Video editing apps are the better place to enhance your videos with improved feature selection. Furthermore, you will be able to share your results with a single tap on another social network, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and many more. In addition to free video editing, use these apps to create your videos to enjoy and share your memories.

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