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Volkswagen gives the Classic Beetle an Electric Makeover


Though appreciated by all, classic cars cannot be purchased and maintained by everyone. This is so because purchasing and maintaining a classic car requires a lot of effort as they are often prone to breakdowns, poor gas mileage and lack many luxury features. In addition to this most of the owners do not drive their vintage cars on a daily basis, keeping it for special occasions. Keeping this factor in view most of the car companies are working hard to give a blend of both ‘modern and classic’ to their vintage cars. And this is a good opportunity for vintage car owners to sell  car.

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The Classic-Electric Hybrid:

Some companies like Zelectric and EV West Motors are working on converting old, classic cars into electric cars. On seeing their popularization Jaguar has announced that it will be offering all-electric versions of the Jaguar E-types. Blending its knowledge of Restoration and tech from the I-Pace, the Jaguar Classic was born. The Jaguar Classical runs on electric power and is a shop Electric E-type.

The skillfulness of the engineering used in electric cars has allowed the Volkswagen Group Components and eClassics to collaborate on an all-electric version of the classic Volkswagen beetle idea. The technology that has been used to alteration the beetle has been get from current model industry cars. For instance, the electric thrust, the 1-speed gearbox, and the artillery system for the conception has been based on the new VW e-up.

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Thomas Schmall, a member of the Volkswagen Group Components’ management, has said that classic beetle cars will be converted professionally with high-quality production parts.


The e-beetle will have 82 horsepower or 60 kW, which is more than what it had originally. The battery is located in the under-body, this will lower the centre of gravity and make the car more stable. The electrification will add more weight to the car, hence it has a reinforced chassis, and braking system has been modified to better handle the electrification. Contempt the car getting dense, the car can still do 0 – 50 kph in less than 4 2nd, and 80 kph in around 8 seconds.

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Everyone is aware of this fact that electric motors are much faster than ordinary ones.

Electric motors react and accelerate faster than conventional motors, allowing this 1,280 kg to keep up with the times. It will, flat out, do 150 kph, which is not bad for a classic but it is not good for the track.


Although its scope is limited to 200km which is not as accelerated as the modern electrical cars but its battery charges at a quicker rate. And because of this quick complaint after an hour it can show a range of 150 km. The Volkswagen Group is already employed on the electrification of other humanistic discipline cars. It is considering an e-Porsche 356 as a campaigner for electrification in the future. “We are already on the job together to prepare the platform for the Bus. An e-Porsche 356 could also be pursued in the future,” said Schmall.

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