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Bridal Dresses Ideas


Whether your wedding is outdoors or indoors, the bridal dress is undoubtedly a cause for stress. There are so many options to choose from and just like many others, you might be stressing about what type of wedding dress you should settle on. Let’s quickly go through some dresses that would make your wedding day even more perfect!

Mini Dress

When your guests save the dates for your wedding events, one of the most exciting factors is seeing what the bride has chosen to wear on her special day. Rocking a short mini dress with frills and some extra poof can perfect the look.

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You can even pair it up with some long strappy heels to accentuate the look of your legs and a high ponytail.

Lace Dress

If your wedding is happening during spring, then nothing can be better than a lace dress. Not only will this material make you look elegant, but it’s bound to let some air in so you can feel that breezy wind. Lace dresses are also a great way of showing off the skin without feeling overly exposed.

This is a style that can never go out of trend, so don’t be too late to try it out.

Floor Length Gown with a Statement Bow

Once you send out your wedding invitation, I’m sure like every girl you start imagining the type of dress you’d get to wear. Now, what’s the point of having a wedding if you do not stand out with a statement dress?

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The best way to draw attention is by wearing a floor-length elegant gown with a massive bow. The bow would go even more perfectly with a low-back styled gown, and you can even get your designer to place a detachable bow. This way when you’re ready to party you can remove it and let loose!

Silk Gown

Comfort and exuding elegance and royalty, what better way to do this than by wearing a silk gown? The silk gown would be the centre of attention whether your wedding is on a rooftop or some royal hall.

Pair the silk gown with a belt and some floral designs and you just may be setting a new trend amongst your friends and family.

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Blazer Dress

Feeling like bringing a formal yet chic touch to your wedding? No problem, that’s exactly what blazer wedding dresses are here for. This will surely result in some jaws dropping because blazer dresses are rarely seen on wedding occasions.

If worn correctly, with some pointed heels for instance and a small clutch to go then that is a look that is done well at a wedding.

Sequin Maxi Dress

If you are in search of a modest yet beautiful bridal look then you can certainly not go wrong with a sequin dress. You can get your designer to slightly puff up the sleeves for a lifted look. Sequins placed carefully all over the dress would make you shine at the wedding. These would even catch the lights and reflect some back too.

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The waist of the dress, if made of a combination of pearls and diamonds would make the dress look even more elegant.


Weddings are all about having a good time, and the dress you decide to wear plays a major role in how much fun you have. Your wedding dress does not have to be uncomfortable, instead if you go for any of the options above, not only will it be comfortable but you would also look great.

Comfort and beauty both can go hand in hand, you just have to make the right choice.

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