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Casino Cheats from the Past


Gambling, is a big business. While many casinos make good revenue accepting wagers and bets, some players win mouthwatering cash prizes and have made a fortune for themselves through gambling. The downside of gambling, however, is that cheating is still a massive deal in the industry. Advanced technology has proven to be an antidote though. With more cameras and other impressive tech, cheating has been minimized to a good extent. If you are looking for online games like casinos not registered with Gamstop you can visit an online website.

Here are some of the famous top cheats players used to win Pay by Mobile Casino games in the past:

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Roulette Past Posting

This trick is one of the oldest in the casino industry and maybe,  is still in use. Casino players use the chips and place them directly on the winning number after stopping the wheel. It’s more of a two-man job, where one person distracts the Boardman, and the other one places his chips, and his partner’s on the winning number.

If caught, the first player’s chip, that’s the player who distracted the dealer, remains, while the other is disqualified.

Switching Cards

This particular fraud has cost the entire gambling industry millions of dollars, as the culprits keep redefining ways to beat technology. Two players from South Korea were in the news recently, for using this trick to steal more than $700,000.

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Switching cards involves using holdout machines placed underneath the sleeve. The machine then places foreign cards from their sleeve on the table while removing the real cards.

False Shuffling

The false shuffling cheat is the main trick majorly used by the default Tran Organization. This criminal empire stole up to $7 million from US casinos.

For false shuffling to work, the table’s dealer needs to be in on the plan. He uses a false shuffle, where he leaves some unshuffled cards in the pack of shuffled cards. The players on the plan pay keen attention, watching out for the unshuffled cards and using them.

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Counting Cards

This trick mainly borders on the line between legal and illegal. Usually, players who count cards naturally or manually are not referred to as cheats but as “Advantage players.” It takes a particular skill to count the cards and keep the total number in mind. They can now determine the ratio of high-paying cards to the low-paying ones, which is legal.

It becomes illegal when players use a device to do the counting, most often a card counting computer.

Slice of the Dice

The regular pattern for using the dice during a craps game is to roll the dice. However, another way of playing it is by  slicing the dice across the table, and maintaining the same number which was held. The trick is used to ensure only one die remains in place throughout. Some go as far as using a sleight-of-hand scheme in spinning the dice to maintain the number.

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While it is not as common as others, people who mastered the trick could pull up significant cash wins.

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