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Make Your Miami Business Stand Out and Rank Up on Google Maps Pack With SEO


There is no question that small businesses are one of the most significant contributors to Miami-Dade’s economy. To put it into perspective, 81% out of the 82,000 private companies in the area account for small businesses.


The thriving economy in Miami, might pose an excellent opportunity for budding entrepreneurs, but at the same time, it is also a clear challenge on how your business can stand out. Here is where the significance of a miami seo company comes into play.


But before hiring, you should first know the basics.


If a user typed in specific keywords on Google, it would return a local search result complete with a map and three listings. That is what you call a map pack. And if you want to increase your online visibility, you should aim to be included in those listings.

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Simple Ways to Increase Map Pack Rank

A map pack is a grouping of three highlighted Google-Maps-based results. And the top-ranked businesses in these results are determined through local rankings. You can also use a local search rank checker to know where you are ranked.


Not only does Google map pack rank businesses, but it also details valuable information such as a short business summary, overall ratings, business hours, location address, and photos, among other things.


Research also shows that map packs generate as much as 44% of the total clicks on search engine results. But still, the question is, how do you appear on the map packs?

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Here are simple yet effective ways to do it.


Verify your business through Google.


First, you should claim your business listing and manage its information. Then, use your actual business with complete details.


Using SEO keywords is effective, but be sure not to stuff your details with them. Instead, be as detailed as possible and correct all the data without inaccuracies. Moreover, make sure you upload high-quality photos of your establishment to make it more appealing to customers. This will gear up your listing.


Keep in mind that regularly updated business listings claimed and have outstanding Google reviews usually rank high in Google search results.

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Make Use of Online Reviews


More than the SEO keywords, the map packs value online reviews. After all, users would more likely click on results with higher ratings. And according to research, customers don’t place their trust in businesses with lower than 4-star ratings.


The more positive reviews your establishment gets, the better your ranking. Moreover, positive reviews also make for good social standing within the community. As such, you should also make sure that you respond to reviews, whether good or bad.

Improve Local Search Signals


Optimizing your business’s website might seem basic enough, but ranking up in Google map packs through on-site SEO will be a bit harder. It’s practical to expand and structure your website to have better local search signals.

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Make sure that your business information is on all the pages on your website. That is an effective way to show the Google algorithm that your business is on the right location online.

A well-planned Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy impacts your online presence. So get in touch with the best miami seo company to further your stand and catapult your business to greater levels.

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