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Home Remedies for Stress Relief in Cats 


Think humans are the only ones who have to contend with a stressful situation? Think again. Cat owners likely know just how it can be challenging to calm down a stressed-out feline. And for those who have pets that get stressed out without warning, you could be dealing with an ever-challenging situation.


However, stress relief is not something that requires you to visit the vet anytime your cat shows the signs and symptoms. You can find home remedies that can help get your feline back to a happy place. And what’s even better is that you may already be familiar with the ingredients needed to help your cat deal better with stress at home.

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Why is your Cat stressed out?


You surely can never get the handle of why your cat is acting stressed. But just as humans have to deal with the problems of life and react differently to certain situations, felines too have issues to deal with. In most cases, it could be a sign that they may be dealing with an ailment such as those that affect their digestive system. You will also notice stress and anxiety in your cat when they are dealing with pain and inflammation.


Environmental factors are also common reasons why your pet may be acting strange. A change in the weather, such as before a downpour or storm can set off the stress centers in the feline. A trip to the vet or having a new child or pet in the home could also trigger anxiety in cats. But still, there are easy homemade remedies that can help deal with stress in cats. This page has more on dealing with stress in cats.

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Homemade Remedies for Stress and Anxiety in Cats


There are herbs available that can help humans and animals better manage stressful conditions. And whether you are looking for an effective remedy that can be prepared at home to help an anxious cat or dog, you will find the options below to be effective.


Chamomile Tea


Over the years, people have trusted the chamomile plant to be useful for improving health and wellness. And when it comes to dealing with stress, you can trust that a simple preparation of chamomile tea can always come to the rescue. Packed with anti-anxiety properties, it could be a safe solution that keeps your cat calm when dealing with a stressful situation.

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You want to source quality chamomile leaves from a reputable brand and make sure you get the preparation right to get the best results. You want to soak the leaves of the plant in boiling water and allow it to cool for a few minutes before serving your feline. You should repeat this procedure twice daily for a few days to get the best result.




Another important holistic remedy that can be helpful for stress and anxiety in pets is CBD oil. Known to be effective for a host of feline conditions such as pain and inflammation, digestive problems, skin irritations, and anxiety, you surely want to have CBD oil in your medical supply kit to help your pet when stressed. You can use CBD oil directly by placing a few drops on the tongue of your cat.

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There is also the option of adding it to their meals or treat if you are dealing with a cat that doesn’t like taking it orally. You must shop for quality CBD oil for cats and do well to use the right dosage depending on the strength of cannabidiol in the brand. Two drops of CBD oil administered twice daily should be enough to help your pet manage stress better. You can try holistapet CBD if you want the best brand in the market for pets.





Catnip can also be used in preparing a home remedy that will help your cat deal with stress better. Known to be packed with compounds that provide a calming effect when ingested, it could be a sure way to avoid depression and anxiety for both humans and pets. Whether you are looking to boost your feline mood, improve relaxation and reduce symptoms of restlessness and keep the nerves down, you can trust a simple preparation of catnip tea should be enough.

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You want to make use of two spoons of catnip dried catnip leaves and add in a cup of boiling water. Allow to steep for 10 minutes and sieve out the leaves and then administer orally to your cat. You can add in honey or lemon juice to improve the taste as catnip tea usually have a woodsy taste and aroma that your pet may not be comfortable digesting.


Valerian Roots


Valerian tea can also be a trusted homemade remedy for treating anxiety also to help relax better when you need to sleep. Its ability to provide a soothing effect for the body is one reason why valerian is added as a natural ingredient to many supplements for treating insomnia. And you can also find it to be effective when it comes to dealing with anxiety in cats.

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You want to get good quality valerian roots to prepare a medicinal tea. To get the right preparation that can provide the desired effect, you want to add two grams of dried valerian roots in a cup of boiling water. Allow to steep for 15 minutes and then administer directly to your pet. You can also add honey to spice up the taste. This link https://www.petmd.com/dog/wellness/valerian-root-dogs-does-it-work has more on the benefits of valerian roots for dogs and cats.


Final Note


Taking proper care of your cat means that you want to be able to provide the right treatment when they are ill. And you can trust the homemade remedies above to be effective for treating stress and anxiety in cats. You should check with your veterinary specialist when you are unsure of the best form of treatment to administer to an ailing cat.

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