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How can layered lighting transform your living space? (Keywords – Table Lamp, Floor Lamp)


Light is a powerful and an essential ingredient to shape your homes and ignoring the right kind of lighting layout not only depreciates the aesthetic value of your home but also brings up other issues like functionality, potential eye hazards, and it could pose a threat in terms of safety too. Choosing the right lighting fixtures is as important and as essential as choosing your furniture, colour scheme and home decor.


There are numerous lighting fixtures available in the market and countless designs that can grace your homes and you’ll find a lot of factors before choosing the right one. Ceiling height, the purpose of the light, colour scheme, design language and many other things that could influence your decision. But we point you in the right direction and tell you why layered lighting is key to changing the face of your home and how it changes the visuospatial perception of your home too.

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What is layered lighting?


Layered lighting is a design concept that utilizes multiple channels of lighting in your living space to provide optimum illumination and also balance the lighting in the particular space. Layered lighting also influences the visuospatial perception of your home and that in turn makes your living space appear spacious apart from being bright enough.


Different components of layered lighting


Layered lighting has three different elements in it and those include ambient lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. While each of these elements serves a different purpose and each of them has its own lighting fixtures, the collective goal is to accentuate the aura of the space by adding a touch of depth and drama in your home and also increase the functionality of your living space.

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How does layered lighting work?


Each of the three elements of layered lighting functions differently. Ambient lighting is the general lighting used in the space that can balance the light between the brightest and dimmer lighting fixtures in your home. Ambient lighting adds warmth to your space and they add that much-needed depth and drama to your space. Task lighting on the other hand adds the functionality quotient to your home. Task lighting can be a boon for your functional spaces like kitchen, study room or any other space where you love to work. The last element in the space is accent lighting in the space which can be utilized to create focal points around anything that you feel can be highlighted in your living space.

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Which are the best ambient lighting fixtures you can go for?


Floor lamps and table lamps can do wonders if you want to enhance the ambience of your living space. And you can also go for flush-mounted ceiling lights, wall lights or pendant lights to provide general illumination in the space. You can technically go for any lighting fixture that is able to offer a general soft light in the space.


Which are the best task lighting fixtures you can go for?


Pendant lights are the best task lighting fixtures you can go for and make sure the ones you get are bright enough to create a focal point in the space. Bright floor lamps and table lamps can also serve the purpose pretty well. Ceiling lights and vanity lights can be used depending on the space you need them in.

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Which are the best accent lighting fixtures to go for?


You can always go for LED wall lights or downlighters to create a focal point around your photographs, favourite piece of art or any decor that has your heart. Recessed spotlighting, track lighting can be good alternatives too.



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