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Apps That Can Help Seniors Make Their Life Easier


For many people, life becomes a challenge when they reach old age. This is mainly because they reach a phase of life where they need to retire from things they do and spend time with their kids and grandkids, do things that they always wanted to do and adopt a hobby to keep their mind and body to work.


Many people find this phase of life a bit challenging and a little difficult as they cannot move as frequently and as freely like they used to in their youth or mid-40s or 50s. Thanks to geeks at Apple and programmers who keep adding different types of creative, useful apps for people who want to make their life easier as they age.

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Keeping this in mind let’s get you some apps that can make life easy for senior citizens:


Medisafe Medication Management

One of the things that many people experience in their old age is keeping a track of things. This is mainly because they cannot remember things like people, places, time of their medication and other important things. This is where technology comes in. You can use the Medisafe Medication Management app to help them remember their medication time.

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The app can be used to set reminders about pull medicine reminders and it is recommended by many physicians and pharmacists as well. You can also keep your senior members of the family safe against improper medication and dosage and avoid negligence, death and other complications caused by overdose or wrong medication and other complications.


The app is very easy to use, has a very clean and simple interface and operations. You can add up a family member on the app and synchronize the family’s medicine pillboxes in a single place. Apart from that, you can share the medical reports with your family and physicians and your nurse as well and even restock your prescriptions if a certain medicine or pill gets finished

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App Store Rating: 4.7


iBP Blood Pressure

Having irregular blood pressure might be something that many people and patients are concerned about. The app is one of the most useful tools for such people. The app works as a blood pressure tracker and analysis app. One of the things about these apps is that you can access the application to use color icons that indicate the values of your blood pressure. You can use the tool that is available as a separate device to determine whether your blood pressure is high, hypertension, or normal.

There is an interactive graph that can help you understand your blood pressure and displays your values according to the week, month, year, or a specific time of the day. You can see all the lows, averages and highs and other trends averages, and different trend lines that are a result of statistical analysis.

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You can also use the app to transfer all capabilities and sync across all iOS devices that you use, get easy input on data using dials rather using your keyboard, you can reads and write Apple Health data including your blood pressure, weight and pulse and has a lot of other features that make this tool very handy to use. The good part is that you are not required to enter data by yourself and view your data almost anywhere using your browser and a wide range of mobile apps.

App Store Rating: 4.8


Magnifying Glass + Flashlight

One of the basic problems people face in their old age is the problem of deteriorated vision where they are not able to see properly. Sometimes having spectacles on your eyes becomes an irritation. One of the best solutions for people with this difficulty is that they can use a simple, easy-to-use application where a magnifying glass is available in the App Store.

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This works as an LED Torch Light, a digital magnifier, a menu reader for restaurants and a prescription bottle reader. All of these solutions are combined in one single app and helps you read properly if you have forgotten your spectacles at home or if they get broken. You can zoom in or zoom out easily while you are reading serial numbers from the back of your appliances like DVD, TV, Smartphone, refrigerator, etc. You can get a zoom of around 1.0X – 5.0X and even save pictures in your Library for future references.

App Store Rating: 4.7


In the current digital age, there are so many apps for almost everything that you want to do in your old age. This removes almost all the limitations that you might face in your old age and get things done easily.

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