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How many attempts are there for the BPSC exam? Can candidates from other states apply for the BPSC exam?


The BPSC, also known as The Bihar Public Service Commission, is the council that conducts the Bihar State Civil Services Combined Competitive Examination. This is also known as the BPSC Civil Services exam. These exams are conducted to recruit candidates for various government posts. These posts include the Deputy Superintendent of Police, Block Developer, Jailer etc.


There are several criteria listed for candidates to apply for the BPSC exam. BYJU’S Exam Prep ensures that all these criteria are met. The candidate has to be a graduate to appear for the BPSC exam. The minimum age requirement for Deputy Superintendent of Police is 20 years old. Similarly, different posts have different age requirements. The upper age limit is 37 for the candidates to apply for the exam in the general category. For the reserved categories, there is no upper age limit for appearance for candidates belonging to reserved categories. The upper age limit for people with disabilities is ten years.

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Can Candidates From Other States Apply For The BPSC Exam?


Yes the candidates from other states can apply for BPSC exam if they fulfill the BPSC eligibility criteria.  The exam for the BPSC has centres only in the state of Bihar. Similarly, only the candidates that are residents of the state of Bihar are the exam of BPSC. Qualifying for the BPSC opens up several different benefits and opportunities for people that clear that exam.


How many attempts are there for the BPSC Exam?


here is no restriction on the number of attempts that the candidate can appear for the exam for as long as the candidate is meeting the age criteria.

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There are some rules for government employees who have been in government service for approximately three years. The number of attempts that such government employees can appear for is three. They have a relaxation in the upper age limit of about five years. BYJU’S Exam Prep aids people with disabilities in training them for the exam. They have an upper age limit of 10 years. Veterans who are not adobe the age of 53 are allowed to avail of the BPSC age relaxation of three years plus the number of years they have been in service.


What are the benefits that come with the BPSC Exam?

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Several different benefits come with clearing the BPSC exams. These benefits include the HRA and the DA and the basic salary given to the candidates. These benefits make it a significant reason to clear these exams. In addition, the travel allowances and the different residential benefits are all amongst the benefits of clearing the BPSC exam.


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