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The Top 10 Amazing Things About Casino


Casinos are the place of myth and legend, where dreams come true. Stories of people who walk in with an armful of cash and walk out with a fortune – or at least a pocketful (or even a hand-full) – keep gamblers coming back to try their luck. We’ve compiled ten amazing facts about casinos that might just make you think twice about betting against Lady Luck:


  1. Most casinos are in fact real


In the very early days of legal gambling there was little need for a regulated, licensed site where players could gamble on their own terms. This is why most early casinos were ‘wagering houses’, which simply acted as a base for various illegal gambling establishments. By the 19th century it had become compulsory to hold a gaming license in order to operate or manage these establishments, leading to the regulation of casinos’ locations and appearance. The first legal casino in Nevada was opened in 1931 with limited profits and an investment of $10,000. As one of the states that has not legalized gambling, they’re still alive and kicking today (see what we did there?).

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  1. Vegas has been called the Entertainment Capital of the World


In case you weren’t aware, Las Vegas is actually home to many entertainment attractions, not just casinos and hotels. Here are some fun facts about Las Vegas:

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A trip to Las Vegas is made up of a different type of experience almost every time you go to the Strip. There’s so much to see and do that it’s very difficult for any one type of attraction to stand out. You can find a nightclub, a comedy club, a theater performance, an all you can eat buffet (that’s not part of the casino), also known as ‘buffet salvation’ and of course you have your usual end of the world type pool parties.

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  1. Casinos are big business


If you go to Las Vegas and don’t gamble, it’s estimated that you’ve missed out on around 15% of the city’s revenue. But it doesn’t stop there: the casinos that have been established since the first half of the 20th century have generated over three million jobs in America alone.


  1. Las Vegas is an oasis, a refuge and a playground


Even though it’s often referred to as the center of the world, Las Vegas doesn’t make money out of gambling; it makes money when people gamble. The biggest casinos in the city are providing a safe, clean and fun environment in which to gamble. People come to gamble because they like to win – not because they want to be part of some dodgy criminal operation. In fact, many people who choose not to gamble can still enjoy the casinos if it fits into their budget and free time.

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  1. Casinos are an economic engine


Just like any other business, casinos need to make money – or rather a profit. Gambling is an expensive business and several countries have already come up with a way of stopping shady gambling operations by forcing them to pay taxes on their earnings. For example the UK government has forced online gambling sites to pay £100 million in taxes. This is why you’ll often hear of ‘closing down’ or bankruptcy in the world’s leading gambling cities. There’s no escaping the fact that there are large sums of money involved!


  1. Many casinos are entire towns
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No, really. It’s not just one building or a few buildings – it’s an entire town. Some of the world’s greatest casinos are based in towns: Atlantic City in the USA, for example, is home to 2.4 million people and 51 casinos all contained in one place (the area is 4 miles long but only half a mile wide). The gambling capital of Italy, Monte Carlo, is another massive tourist destination with over 3.2 million tourists coming there each year to gamble.


  1. Casinos have annual budgets of billions


Gambling is a lot like running a business. It has to pay its employees, provide lodging and supplies, and keep itself afloat – in other words it needs to make money. You can understand why casinos are a popular place to spend time or even live if they’re already so profitable.

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  1. Even though slots aren’t the only game in town, they are the most popular casino machine form


There’s a lot more than just slots available like slot gacor at most casinos now and it’s because there are so many different types of games. Blackjack, roulette, craps and poker are all popular options, but the old standard – slot machines – is still the most popular too.


  1. Casino employees are happy to help you at any time


The people who work in casinos aren’t just there to take your money; they’re there to give you the best experience possible. You might be thinking ‘how can they? They’re working for free and I’m spending my hard earned cash here!’ The fact of the matter is that most people go to a casino with a set amount of cash to gamble with; if it’s gone before the end of their visit, then so be it. But if they’re provided with the right tools and guidance then it’s possible to make a profit – especially with the help of your friendly neighborhood casino employee!

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  1. Casinos are a safe, clean and fun environment to gamble in


Gambling is a game of chance. You can’t make money from skill alone, you have to have a bit of luck on your side too. This is why casinos have been set up the way they have: the environment should be as safe, clean and fun as possible for people of all ages to enjoy themselves. Heck – even school children are allowed inside! And that’s no accident: casinos want you to enjoy yourself so much that you’ll return again and again…and bring your friends.



The fact of the matter is that casinos are supposed to be fun. They’re there for people to enjoy themselves and socialize with friends, whether it’s on a night out or a weekend getaway. As such, traditional and slot online casinos attract a lot of people from all walks of life with different tastes and interests.

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Some want to drink, others don’t really care about the drinks; some want luxury accommodation, others just want a cheap place to lay their head down at night – it’s suggested that you should spend around 10-15 minutes researching your options.

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